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iPad Looking for a Folio Case... Perhaps Bear Motion?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by trbutler, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. trbutler, Oct 27, 2012
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    I'm going to be replacing my first generation iPad with a 4th gen model soon. I'm looking for a good case for the new iPad. I looked at Smart Covers and Cases, but the Smart Cover doesn't protect the back and reviews mention it can scuff the side of the iPad. The Smart Case also has some reviewers talking about how it scuffed up their iPads.

    In lieu of that, I'd like to find a good folio case that would protect the front and back, be able to work with the "auto on" magnetic sensor like the Smart Case and would not itself damage the iPad. A lot of cases seem to snap on the iPad, which I am very dubious about, since snapping things on a metal case seems likely to cause scratches.

    I'd prefer something in leather, but I'm open to other suggestions. Bear Motion has a couple of nice looking ones... thoughts? I picked up an iHome leather folio today at OfficeMax, but reading online it sounds like I'm going to be disappointed with how it fits once my new iPad arrives.
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    INVELLOP BLACK Leatherette Case Cover for iPad 2 / iPad 3 / The new iPad (Built-in magnet for sleep/wake feature)


    INVELLOP BLACK Leatherette Case

    My friend had one on his iPad 3 and loved it.
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    Thanks for the recommendations. Both look interesting, although both look like they have hard plastic backs that snap onto the iPad. That makes me really nervous, since those could easily scuff up the iPad. I'd really like something more like the iPad 1 case, where the iPad slid into the folio, rather than snapping in. The iHome case I picked up and Bear Motion case both mimic the iPad 1 case except with leather, although both cover far more of the bezel, which I think is rather unfortunate (the iPad 1 case left the bezel mostly exposed when the case was open).

    I'd love to find something that was basically the iPad 1 case except in leather and ideally with the auto sleep/wake magnets...
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    What you want is the dark grey Smart Case.

    Looks awesome. And reminds remotely of the original iPad case.

    And no, it doesn't scuff. It's soft neoprene. My iPad still looks pristine in it. If you want to protect the front glass from scratches as well, get an SGP Ultra Optics screen protector. I couldn't be happier with that combo.
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    do a search here...it's truly junk.....vs what else is out there...
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    I've had a leather folio, and I like it better. Sure, something like the KAVAJ Berlin is much nicer for the same price:

    But that doesn't make the Smart Case a bad one.
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    Saddleback's 100 year warranty on their leather ipad case is pretty nice...

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