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Looking for a good calendar app

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jorge76, Jun 7, 2012.

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    It must have these characteristics:

    - Sync with Google Calendar
    - Support for multiple Google calendars
    - Offline support
    - Minimalistic interface
    - Mature and stable

    Any suggestions?
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    Take a look at the Agenda calendar app. It's for both iPad & iPhone.
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    Readdle's Calendars app I think supports multiple Google accounts.
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    because stock calendar app syncs with google calendar, whatever that syncs with local calendar syncs with google calendar.
    I tried four for integration with google task, awesome calendar is cute and lovely probably to gals , pocket informant has most features, calengoo has most features of google calendar, calendars by readdle has no flaw to me except that it doesn't support sub task. None is perfect but I like calendars by readdle most.
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    I also use Agenda. I love the interface.
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    I like Calengoo and the developer is really good at helping when there is a problem. One of the things I like about it is the fact that it will let you have a choice about "snoozing" an alarm, as far as the amount of time.

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    The rotation lags on my iPad with calengoo
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    Just checked that and I do notice that a little, but not enough to bother me. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Agenda is a good one!!
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    Try Awesome Cal.
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    Agenda doesn't display the actual duration of the items, which to me makes it not that good.
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    Actually even if I got calendars by readdle, very often I end up opening stock calendar app. It has notification for upcoming events, you create events in mail by tapping the event description(sometimes it's smart enough so I don't need to change a thing).
    And another seemingly absurd but very true reason is on ipad the calendar icon is the only way to see date...
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    Whats wrong with the stock calendar app? I use it all the time and it syncs with my google calendar without any problems. Maybe someone can enlighten me to benefits of other calendars?
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    Integraicon with tasks is the reason for me, they belong together.
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    I think you should be at ease while using Readdle's Calendars app. If this looks not a good match with your desire, I would want you to please highlight the matters which create hurdle in using it comfortably.
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    Not sure if Forum rules allow me to mention my app or not, so...
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    Thanks, gave it a look, but I need one I can use on iPad and iPhone, and yours just does iPad. Also, I need daily view and agenda view. Does look nice thought.

  20. cfs
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    I love the stock app but if you end up finding one that syns tasks please post. I am curntly using wunderlist and the stock calendar app or this but would really like it all on one app.

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    Pocket informant

    pocket informant
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    Calengoo, calendars by readdle, pocket informant and awesome calendar support google task integration.

    Only calengoo supports all the feature from google(e.g. creating sub-tasks) but I do find calendars by readdle more pleasant to use.

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