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Looking for a Good Turn-Based Space Combat/Exploration/Build Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by ScarletRed, Jun 29, 2006.

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    Know of any?

    Must be turn-based (Excludes X2 and Escape Velocity) and Mac native.
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    Master Of Orion II was good but that's an oldie. (OS9)
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    Works fine in Classic though. Unfortunately, that's the most recent game that meets the specifications in this case.

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    Not quite the exact specs, but great space strategy games:

    Homeworld 2
    StarCraft (+Brood War expansion)

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    Starcraft - an oldie but a goodie

    build a base
    explore the map
    combat your enamies

    and the online mode is still rather popular and blizzard have released an OSX installer and patch. its mac native but not intel native, but as its origional specs recomended a Power PC (any one will do), system 7.6, 16MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, 256 colour monitor at 640x480 even roseta can handle it without breaking a sweat
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    there is master of orion 3... its a bit of a hiccup, but there are some mods that will "retard" its play mechanics to those of master of orion 1/2... however i'm not sure if these mods will work on the mac version
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    I couldn't stand MOO3 - too much confusion and complication. I have heard that if you like to macromanage rather than micromanage you'll appreciate MOO3, but I can never seem to trust the computer to do what i think it's supposed to do.

    I do miss MOO2. Too bad I don't have Classic.
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    Unless I am mistaken, these games are not turn-based. Neither is Starcraft. I am not interested in real-time strategy games.
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    MOO2 doesn't work fully in Classic. It crashes when the planet combat screen tries to appear. I did get it working in SheepShaver, but it was slow as hell.

    If you can find a copy of the PC version, you may be able to get it working in DOSBox.
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    I do believe that Spaceward Ho! fits all the criteria: turn-based, space, exploration, building, combat.

    I used to play this game way back in the day...13 years ago or so. I LOVED it. However, it's been updated for OS X since then. GREAT game.
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    you should check out Galactica. You can check it out here.

    they have a demo that limits you to 100 turns, but as soon as i hit the limit i had to buy the game cause it was so fun.
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    MOO3 is fine –*and you can do micromanaging as well if you like. You could probably find it for pretty cheap at most stores that sell Mac games nowadays.
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    dosbox?! On a Mac? I love X-COM: UFO Defense. One of my all time favorites. However, the game is full of bugs and suffers from numerous interface issues (i'm talking about the Playstation version).

    Spaceward Ho! sounds nice...I think I will check it out. Thanks, dan-o-mac.

    Btw, are the games listed on abandonia.com free?
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    Yes. From http://dosbox.sourceforge.net.

    However, the download there is not Universal and is very very slow in Rosetta (90% CPU use at the lowest DosBox settings).

    However, since it's open source, you can compile it for your Intel Mac. It's much, much faster when you do that.

    Yes, and legal. They've removed games when asked to by copyright owners (for instance Civ2 was free for a long time, but someone bought the rights for it and are now asking for $20)
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    I don't know a thing about compiling. Do I need a special software to do that? If yes, what is it called and where do I get it?
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    Hmm ok ... that might be a problem then. The Mac OS X DVD comes with developer tools but they're not installed by default. If you want to dabble you could install them.

    Alternatively, I can send you my copy if you PM me your email address.
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    Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri
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    I was about to say that... reminds me, I should have the cd for it buried somewhere... I ought to go find it, could provide some serious entertainment :D
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    Carbonized Alpha Centauri - All OS X, no Classic!

    Yeah! I don't play many games any more (no time in this busy life!) but when I do, I sit down to a good, long session of Civ 3 or Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (SMAC).

    And it should be mentioned that you can get a carbonized version of SMAC, so you don't need to run it in Classic, from one of the developers at http://www.brad-oliver.com:8081/~boliver/blog/archives/000299.html (click the world "build" to download the .SIT). And if you have the Alien Crossfire addon, a carbonized version of that is included in the same archive. (They're beta conversions from 2003, but I've had no trouble using them.)
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    I can't believe I finally got round this problem. Instead of using the 1.6 patch, use the 1.51 one and it all works, although it's a little quick in the animation department. So you can play MOO2 in OSX after all :)

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