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Looking For A Newton...

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by ArtMan617, Jul 13, 2002.

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    I'm looking for a Newton for a good price...however, I have no idea what model I should look for...as far as I know, I want the highest-end model that Apple made, but one that won't be very expensive (this would be primarily for fun). Anyone have one I could buy off of them or know where I could look (other than the obvious ebay)? Also, does anyone know of any good websites where I could find information about the Newtons and the differences between models? Thanks in advance for any help I get.

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    Newtons for Sale

    Why don't you try http://www.SecondhandMac.com/

    Another possibility is MacHouse in the Netherlands. They bought the (absolute) last batch of Newton eMate 300 machines. Which is basicly a newton in a green translucent laptop clamb shell "jacket", aimed at the education market. They should have some left in stock.

    To be precise, it is the first translucent mac ever (produced in 1996/1997 I believe, years before the iMac).
    Their phone number is: +31 (0)348 - 49 66 00.
    Please note that this company is in the Netherlands. Greenwich + 1.00 hour. Please do the math first, before you call!:D
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    Ensign Paris

    How can the Newt. eMate be the first Translucent mac ever? for a start it is not even a mac, and the MP110 had a transparent version.

    Several test machines that have been transparent have got pictures of the internet.

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    I'm sorry. My mistake. I didn't know there where other translucent Newtons.
    It should have said: "to my knowledge , it is the first translucent mac ever (produced in 1996/1997 I believe, years before the iMac)."

    It probably isn't a Mac, your right again. It's a Newton, with an Apple logo. Just like an Apple external cd-player isn't a Mac. Or an iPod. But somehow I keep referring to these products as 'Mac'. Well, that's my problem. It probably depends on how you define Mac.

    So how should I call my PowerComputing PowerBase 240 [recently upgraded with a Powerlogix 400 mHz G3], running MacOS 9.0.4.? Can I still call it a Mac, although it's a clone? What exactly makes it a Mac? The software? The hardware?
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    That's a good point. While this is going to bring up more discussion, what makes a mac a mac is really subject to your own discretion (sp?). Personally, I feel that if you're running an Apple-made operating system, one should be able to consider that computer a mac, even if the hardware itself was not made by Apple.

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    Newton sites

    Artman, why don't you check out this link, it's a webring of newton sites:

    Please note that several sites may not exist any more.
    You can do some more research yourself by typing "newton Apple emate" into search engines like Google. There was a great site called infonewt, but I can't find it anymore.

    I own two eMates, bought the second one as a (sparepart)donor. Unfortunally both batteries are dead now, so it only works with an adaptor, which is really a handicap. I now buy old fashioned notepads again to write down my notes and make my sketches (that get lost again, ofcourse).
    I used to take it with me all the time. It really is a 'mate'.
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    Look for the MessagePad 2000 or MessagePad 2100. They were the latest and most speedy Newtons, running Newton OS 2.1, and can be had for somewhere betwenn $100 and $300 on eBay with lots of accessories. My tip: do a search for "Newton 2100" and see what you can find.

    P.S. The eMate 300 wasn't a Mac, of course, but it was (probably) the first translucent product Apple shipped. At the time that it was designed, the industrial design group *did* employ the guy who basically created the original iMac design, so it's probably a reasonable assumption that the eMate 300 was the official precursor to Apple's recent trends in ID.

    P.P.S. There are "clear-case" models of most computer hardware/electronics created for internal testing.
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    Ensign Paris

    I define a Macintosh to be anything made by Apple with MacOS on it, I am not sure about clones :)

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    Ensign Paris

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    The clear MessagePad 110 wasn't sold to the public. That is, though members of the public eventually obtained the translucent-case MessagePads, one never could order or buy one from Apple.

    As I said though, all products have "clear-case" variants that are made fairly early in the product design lifecycle. If you look hard enough, you'll also find reference to clear OMP (MessagePad 100) products that members of the public have gotten their hands on. Naturally, those were never sold commercially either.

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