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Looking for a partner in crime...

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by theagentx, May 3, 2009.

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    I am new to the programming world in general and I have been getting used to the programming mindset and reading like a med student while practicing in Xcode.

    I am looking for a local or remote experienced :apple: developer with patience to "look over my shoulder" while I code my first apps. Mainly I need someone to tell me "there is an easier or better way to do that" or "you idiot" or "read this chapter" or something along those lines. I am brand new to programming, but have a high aptitude for learning and retaining. I have many questions and need some one on one instruction since there are not really any classes that are cost effective nearby. Consider it propagating the species or something cool like that.

    In return, I know many projects that need experienced contract developers .

    I am in the Fort Lauderdale area.

    I also know of many people in the area that are interested in the same so maybe we can get a class together and you can charge them for the classes...Just a thought.

    Thanks in advance.
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    so you basically want an experienced programmer to help write your apps with no cut of any potential profits

    got it
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    No not at all, I will be willing to sign an agreement that says the app will NOT be sold. I am not asking them to code it for me at all.

    I am looking for instruction, that is it. I learn by doing more than reading (I have realized this in my programming adventures thus far). I figure if I had some sort of instruction that was in person like a course, I would learn faster. There are not any courses for this without enrolling in a school and taking a year of pre-reqs, etc. So I thought I would find a person to teach me these things in person that is local. I also figure that if that person WANTS to make $$ by doing this, I can get them connected with people like me who want to learn to program specifically for the Mac and they can start a side business. This has nothing to do with profits or anything for me, I just want to learn...that is all
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    Maybe I should have titled the thread different...dunno.

    This is a legitimate thread. I have no hidden agenda besides learning. I think there is a Major lack of Mac-specific programming courses (besides BNR). Especially in South Florida. I was told the Mac dev community was collaborative and such, so I thought I would put the feelers out there. That is all.

    So if you are local, and are interested reply to this thread and we can move forward. If you are not interested, then thank you for reading and hope you have a great day :)
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    Unlike, say, martial arts, golf or ballroom dancing, where the vast majority of professionals need to teach to earn anything, in fields such as medicine and iPhone programming, a very large portion of experienced practitioners have enough primary business opportunities that they don't need income from teaching or tutoring. There is also the problem that, IMO, the intersection set between great programmers and great instructors is not that large.

    But, YMMV.

    If there are any local computer clubs or developer societies at or near your school, you could try joining in. e.g. go meet them, instead of trying to get one of them to contact you.
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    I agree Firewood. I have attended the local Cocoaheads etc, but they are WAAAAAY beyond me and I cannot contribute at all. They do not see the group as an instruction group more like an experienced collaborative group.
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    there is something called college that many of us have attended to learn how to program.
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    Yes I have heard of it. I AM in college, but the programming classes are not available to me yet because I have not completed the pre reqs. I am almost positive that many of the developers here did not go to college to learn to program. I was wanting to take the initiative to learn to program specifically for the Mac with a little help from my LOCAL (not Vancouver) Mac developer community in return for $$$.

    How can that be a bad thing? I am sure someone mentored you in your endeavors, so why flame me up for it?
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    It's not a bad thing, it's just that people who went to college for Computer Science or Software Engineering know how monumental of a task it is to teach someone how to build software. It takes years and years to master this profession, and you're simply not going to get what you need to learn (at the level of quality that a college degree will give you or years of work experience) from tutoring.
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    I just need a walk thru of the basics. Not to teach me to be great :) I just need to get rolling with a bit of help from the training wheels (mentor/teacher). Then I will go off and learn on my own.

    I just want some basic instruction specific to Macintosh programming with Objective-c :)
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    You'll be far more successful if you acquire the skill of learning by reading as well. Even if it's just to look at the documentation for a class reference that you then proceed to tinker with using in actual code.

    There is an easier way to do it, you idiot. Read this book! ;)
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    Hey partner

    To theagentx

    I like your tone, and, I am new as well. I have been programming for years in Excel, VBA, and dabbled in C. Mostly I specialize in operator interfaces to industrial machinery, and have just taken the jump to the iPhone programming. So, Why don't we learn together? At least I offer a study buddy.

    I like your sincerity, and as I have learned most of my skills from co workers and putzing around as required, we may be able to learn together.

    Your thoughts?

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