Looking for an entry level condenser mic for vocal recording!

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by HappyFred, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hi, I am looking for an entry level condenser mic for vocal recording! My budget is below £80. Will those mic sold in eBay provide the XLR cable and a stand? Is Behringer C-1 is good? I will be appreciate for your help! :)
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    How are you planning to use this mic? You say "vocals" but do you have a quiet studio environment or will this be used in a room with a computer and other noisy gear? Studio microphones really do need a studio. For non-studio recording try a "stage mic" that needs to be held very close and rejects sounds from the rear. For outdoor or field recording consider a mic like the kind used by news crews for video.

    If you try and use a studio mic in a non-studio it will pick up "everything".

    A good first studio vocal mic that is in your budget is the AT2020

    The classic stage mic, and if you have hard live recording of the Rolling Stones it is with this mic, the Sure SM58. It costs about $100.

    Don't expect good result if you mis-match the mic and the environment it is used in. So if some one tells you they get good result with some mic, ask them where they record and exactly how it was set up. Then see if that is how you would used the mic.
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    How are you going to connect the microphone to your computer? You will need some kind of audio interface if you don't already have one and that will increase the cost.

    If your needs are very basic, there is a version of the AT2020 that has a built-in USB interface such that it connects directly to your computer: http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wired_mics/c75c5918ed57a8d0/
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    Thanks for replying. I think my recording place will be vary, depends on others family members lol. Most of the time, I will go down to the living room, without other people around. It is basically only left with clock sound and sometimes some walking sound maybe heard. But I think it is considered to be quiet. I have got M-AUDIO FAST TRACK and I think a condenser mic will suit me. Will AT2020 provide with XLR cable and a stand? Not necessary to be on the floor, just simply a small fixed stand so that I don't hold it all the time during recording.


    Thanks for replying. I have M-AUDIO FAST TRACK and I will be using my Mac Book Pro to record. I think Garage Band will be more familiar to me but if using Pro Tools will give a better mixing, I would consider to learn it. I will go for a condenser mic with XLR cable and a fixed stand.
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    This shop sell AT2020 with XLR cable. Is the original package of AT2020 come with any XLR cable? If not, I would buy the mic at gak.co.uk. There is two different brands of cable:
    Venom Rattler 30FT XLR to XLR Mic Lead
    Stagg SMC10 10m XLR-XLR Mic Lead
    which one is better? I found that Stagg is more expensive than Venom Rattler in amazon.
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    Generally no. Mics don't come with cables. How would they know what length of cable you would need? If you do buy a cable get a good quality one and maybe 20 feet long at least so you can keep the noisy computer a good distance away from the mic.
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    Ok. I have ordered AT2020 from the gak.co.uk. The delivery takes two days. I would consider to get a mic stand later on. Can I actually use those camera stand for the mic? Do they fit?
    For pop filter, I would spend some time to make a DIY one. :)
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    The USB version of the AT2020 includes a little tripod with 1/4" threads and an adaptor to fit the standard microphone holder. I don't think these come with the analog version. But you should be able to find an adaptor at any place that sells audio supplies. Photo tripods (assuming that's what you mean by "camera stand"?) have 1/4" NC threads.
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    The AT2020 arrived today! I have checked with my photo tripods, it doesn't fit with the thread. I temporarily put the AT2020 on a tissue roll with a small cardboard box around to focus the sound record. The result come out is fine, but not as good as I expected. I need some time to learn it.

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