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Looking for an Iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by italiano40, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I am willing to pay from $250 to $300
    for the 8gb iphone
    please PM me or reply
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    Wow, I'd be willing to pay more than that for a 16gb iPhone...:eek::p
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    no offense but good luck finding someone that would sell one at that price....
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    Funniest post of the day 300$ for an iPhone?
    Not gonna happen buddy:rolleyes:
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    I paid $225. So yes, it is possible. And I got the iPhone credit making it $125... So yeah. You can do it.
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    Did you buy it from a crack head?
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    an excerpt from Le Marketplace Rules:

    "5. Non-interest. If you have no need for the items or don't like the price, items, payment method, or other terms, ignore the thread. Do not post negative remarks about the sale or seller based on their offer, or suggest to others that they buy other products or buy/trade at other sites. Do not post unsolicited price advice or comparisons of the offer with those from other sources. Do not try to derail somebody else's sale by posting in the thread. Let shoppers make their own decisions."
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    Nope, I bought it on the forums for $225. Apple sent me a new one as the one I bought was having issues. I popped in the serial and bam, got the credit.

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