Looking for cheap $25 - $50 range 13" sleeve

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by iNeedToDoHw, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Ya i really like the hardgraft one as well...but i agree its too expensive, i did some searching and here are the ones ive found. Note that most of them are customizable so if you want it to be vertical or horizantal or different color all you have to do is ask them. I did and they said no problem.

    If you decide on one let me know, im still debating which to get myself
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    This site is ridiculous because it charges close to 20% tax and I have to pay for the shipping... I live in US...

    This one looks the best, but still +shipping&tax = $63
    I've never payed this much for a case haha
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    I know this is out of your price range but I think it's pretty cool like the gaft one


    It's said to be hardcover with leather but it actually smells and feels like leather(cuz everything apparently is called leather these days even the $10 rubbery leather-like ones).
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    I personally am not a fan of that design.
    I don't like the zipper that goes around the laptop when it's open, the elastic that attaches the cover to the screen, and i just feel like i'll get tired of the design quick.
    Also, it takes away the trademark of air (the pointy edge) since it's covered by the cover...

    I want a simple sleeve design that'll outlast time
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  10. kwajkat, Jul 23, 2011
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    I can't fathom how so many people want a "nice" looking case and spend $100+ on them...I got this black G Form case for my 11.

    Supposedly it's indestructible material.
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    Get a RadTech sleeve! You should google radtech coupons, you might be able to get free shipping or a percentage off. GL!
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    that case looks very efficient and neat, but that's just not for me:)
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    Picked up a black 13" zippered sleeve just now from TJMaxx for $8.00.
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    Oh, and I think best buy has some sort of a 13" soft case on sale for $15.00 this week.
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    Felt Sleeve

    Check out untype.com. I bought their sleeve for my 13 and it's perfect for my needs. Get the charcoal one with the leather strap. I think they have a cheaper version without the leather strap if that's what you're after.

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    Can you post pictures?
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    I picked up a leather portfolio briefcase for mine. thin yet it can hold the power brick and some accessories/pens/paper. $50 on ebay (used)
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    @ Duke,

    Sorry, I keep meaning to do a review of the sleeve but things have been very busy. I'll try to sit down and do one tonight with pictures. I bought the black merino wool with leather strap 13 incher. I'm at work so I can't take a pic with my phone but here's the photos from their website. There are other colors but I prefer the black with the silver of the air.




    They have this one which is cheaper and seems to have a felt strap instead of the leather one:

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    that looks awesome, but it's still on the pricier side... :(
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    I've purchased Hard Graft products in the past, but I honestly can't say it's anywhere near worth the money. The wool tends to pill and gets really messy under normal use.

    I would go with the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve. The thing adds very little bulk to the laptop and it's really easy to take the computer in and out.

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    That's one thing i was worried about the wool sleeve... now you mention it, i should avoid them since they cost so much!!!

    Acme looks nice
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    If you do decide to go with the wool, check Etsy.
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