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looking for special people...

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by kishba, Sep 7, 2002.

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    if you are a hardcore web programmer/developer and/or really experienced with web design or graphic design please email me ( brandonkish@mac.com ) or instant message me ( kishba03 )

    i'm looking for a few people for a really special project... i'll definitely be sharing some details later but at the moment i'm just looking for some interested/experienced people

    thanks :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    is this a paying gig or just help for free?

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    perhaps both :)

    we'll see in a few months... i do mean to talk to you on aim pretty soon about it, duke so keep an eye out for me :)
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    I'm interested...but u already know that.

    If anything...aside from the time investment...I think it'll be a lot of fun to get in on this contest...esp. if we can get a good # of MR people to volunteer their time & talents... :D

    plus...it's a couple days out of town...which I'm always down for ;)
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    this might help...

    here's the link for anyone who wants to know just what the hell this all is... :D ;)

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    I'm in, too. Sounds like a mini-Geekfest opportunity...though this will be a working weekend...

    I think we can put together a pretty killer team. :D
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    yes.... we have some incredible talent on MR and i just hope that we can get everything together... hopefully the judges pick us to continue :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    ah, ooh, this looks good, i'm interested - the only thing is I might not be around on the 6th of December

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    the plan is to have fun and win :)

    so far i've found a total of 6 interested MR members:

    techathead (newb :))
    eyelikeart (perhaps his gf, too?)
    and now dukestreet

    i'm also still waiting for word from taft and there may be a local kid that wants to be involved (a big programmer)

    how does that team sound? i think the coolest thing is everyone will be using a mac... we're also very well rounded

    i'm still looking for interested people and especially input

    i'm also hoping we can make this an official macrumors team somehow....
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    it does require a time commitment from dec 5-8 most likely... i'm still investigating whether i will be able to go as well... i know cleo wanted to be involved but finals are dreadfully close to that date for her

    i figure if we can find interested people and start working on the registration process we can just worry about who exactly is on the team at a later date....
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    hey kish...have u contacted arn yet about sponsorship?

    I think this will be a great opportunity for us to have a little fun & meet a few people...and for Macrumors to get more exposure...

    I'll talk to him if u like to get the ok to start it as a Team Macrumors?
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    no i haven't talked to him yet... i was going to send him an email but if you can do it, please do :)

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    Its like the Justice League. :D

    Can I please be Bat Man????? Eye would make a good Robin ;)

    Duke would be Super Man, i think........

    Now all we need is Cleo to be Wonder Woman. :D
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    That's funny...my name is Robin...:eek: :p
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    OK, here's the deal with me....

    This sounds like a lot of fun, and I would be excited to do it, but only if my particular skills were going to be useful. I couldn't get a good idea of what kind of webpage was going to be involved, which makes it kind of hard to tell if you guys would find me as an asset.

    As I said in an e-mail to kishba, my skills center much more on the technical end of things and less (much less :p) on the graphical design side. Depending on what the website had to do, I think I could be very useful.

    Kishba, could you maybe forward the e-mail I sent you to the other interested parties. If you guys have an idea of wether I'm a good fit, it would help me make up my mind. Or any links to more information on the goals of the competition and technologies/skills that would be desirable.

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    local guy

    Hey there everybody

    I'm the local guy kishba was talking about. I'm sure if I end up joining the team, I'll get to know all of you very well, but for right now I just wanted to extend a greeting to everyone and an assurance that if I decide to join the team, I won't let you down. When I decide to work on something, I'm dedicated to it. Anywho, I hope we all get to work together and make the best darn website EVER!

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    Welcome to the community!

    Looking forward to working with you. You come with high recommendations, and (obviously) a lot of enthusiasm. :)
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    ok here's the list of team members (we're still hoping taft can learn some php :))

    kishba - php/mysql/html/video (hopefully flash, too)
    techathead - server/php/mysql
    rower_cpu - php/mysql/html/css/video (hopefully flash, too)
    godblessthenet - hardcore php/mysql/html

    eyelikeart, dukestreet, and moxiemike are the design dudes... (and video as well) i don't know how you guys want to split up resposibilities or if you just want to share the love, i mean work... :)
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    ok one more thing....

    please compose a brief bio and a set of links to any web sites you have worked *or* are working on... the rules say to include everything

    if you have examples of photography online or if you can put some examples of graphics somewhere on the web, do so as well

    just post the stuff here and we'll put it on the site... hopefully eyelikeart can make up a quick design in the next few days :)

    also, where should we post this portfolio site? we have a few choices... kishba.com could house it or we could ask arn for a place on MR if we needed to

    anyways, thanks
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    I think, if possible, that i'd like to work with duke and eye. I don't get enough collarboration, and i think this would be a good way to satiate that need.

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    i was just thinking....even tho m learning all of this stuff in school currently...i could help with umm....the weed supply :D
  22. arn
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    Staff Member

    I can host it... what would be required?

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    i think all we would need is to give you a folder with the pages/images in it.... we don't need anything fancy for this
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    Hrms...I talked with eye about it and I would like to be involved with this but I'm not sure where my skills lie. I'm learning PHP and know a good deal about HTML and CSS but I'm also a designer. You have, I think, enough people in both circles without me but if you see a place, I'd like to join. It might be easier to IM me (DreamLance) for a quicker response.
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    i think one person from LA is enough. :D :D :D :D

    Just kidding. No. i think that all the help we can get, all the input, etc. is pretty important. So, yea. you have my vote for inclusion. :D

    BTW, Arn, thanks about the server space.

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