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Looking for SSD

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacRuler, Apr 29, 2010.

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  2. JCT
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    Why don't you try this one?


    I just purchased the 64GB version from them last week-- fast shipping to NYC and the installation was a breeze.

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    The problem with SSD on the original MBA is it's a PATA drive controller. I noticed that the PATA drive controller even with a Runcore SSD on the original MBA is slower than the stock SSD with OS X Snow Leopard on a rev 2,1 MBA.

    To the drive you have mentioned in your link - what you want to do is check Runcore SSD and that SSD and look for the three drive speeds also including the stock SSD drive. Whichever one has the best combined READ and WRITE speeds is your best bet on speed.

    Good luck.
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    thank you both for your help, scottsdale, i have seen you post numerous times on this forum and it seems to me that your knowledge is great, so please can you tell me if the link that JT sent me is good and if it is worth buying, thank you so much.
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    yes the runcore is definitely faster thanks! JT
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    You have to remember that the rewards of the upgrade are seriously limited by the PATA drive controller which cannot send at a bandwidth as great as the SSD tech is capable of... I wouldn't consider this upgrade for that MBA. Your MBA already has a limitation not rewarding the upgrade. I believe the ONLY reason to upgrade an original MBA's drive is if you want 128 GB SSD. If you need more drive space it's worth your upgrade. If you just want more speed, you're really limiting yourself with the PATA drive controller.
  7. JCT
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    Scottsdale, having just swapped in a 64GB SSD for my original FREAKING DOG SLOW 80GB HDD ;) in my Rev A, I'm not 100% sure I agree. I didn't have any problem going down in storage space and while I do agree with you objectively regarding the PATA controller in the Rev A, I am really enjoying the bump up in responsiveness that I obtained with the SSD, absolutely noticeable -- I no longer want to throw my MBA across the room while waiting for Word...

    So yes, it's not getting the full benefit of the SSD due to the inherent limitations of the controller -- but for those of us who are trying to limp along while waiting for Godot (uh, Apple) and an MBA refresh, I think it's a viable approach. It definitely was for me.

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    The point is the original MBA is a sunk cost. One is much better off selling it and using the money from the sale, and the money they would have spent adding a new SSD to it, to buy a v 2,1 MBA. The 2,1 MBA with SSD has faster drive speed than any SSD available running on an MBA with a PATA drive controller.

    I maintain that the reason to upgrade the original MBA would be for drive space and not for speed improvements. The original MBA is limited in so many component/feature areas that it's not worth throwing more money at. I know some would do it for speed, but I believe their money isn't being spent wisely. I just feel it's a sunk cost situation. A v 2,1 MBA is acceptable now while the original MBA has already been outdated for two years. I wouldn't put money into an original MBA for any reason if you want the truth.

    It just makes more sense, to me, to cut the losses and move forward with a better strategy rather than spend more money on something that just increases investment but offers no more marginal return vs. upgrading to a v 2,1 MBA.

    Just my personal opinion. I see money and value as being more important and view upgrading old technology as a pointless investment. It is like factoring in past decisions to make future decisions... any decision should be based on the best possible outcome for this situation not factoring in past commitment whether it's time or money.
  9. JCT
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    I agree with this in general-- maybe my situation is unique. If I *could* sell it and buy a 2.1 I would consider it, but this seems like a crazy time to buy with the possibility of the MBA update coming. This is a work machine (so obviously I can't sell it) and I can only replace it every 2.5-3 years. My next machine needs 4GB RAM for software requirements. So I was able to convince them to take pity on me and spend the $200 for an SSD now (and the performance is noticeably better) so that I can try to hold out longer.

    Different strokes for different folks, but I'll take 4 months of reduced aggravation at $50 per.

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    I understand. My position would be to keep the MBA the way it is then to be able to upgrade as soon as possible to the better system. The whole point here is this is solely a speed/performance boost want. It doesn't add any drive space or real value. The average user wouldn't even notice the difference if it's between stock PATA and aftermarket PATA drives.

    If it were a SATA SSD, I can go along with it for the performance gains because the gains are phenomenal. The gains for a PATA SSD are so limited and minimal... again unless upgrading to a 128 GB SSD in the original MBA doubling the drive space.

    But in general, I get the idea of just making it work so you can upgrade when there's an MBA worthy of upgrading too. I guess the idea there would have been to dump the original MBA when the v 2,1 was introduced or last June even with the huge price break. With the potential v 1,1 MBA buyers, they didn't understand the huge differences and selling the original and upgrading to a v 2,1 was a small net cost when people were overpaying for the original still... the v 2,1 MBA was so night and day better than the original that I would have found a way to make it happen before now. But again, we all have different needs and demands from our Macs.

    The situation right now is difficult, because nobody should be buying the MBA without understanding just how late in the game they're at and how the current MBA is not future proof in any way. It is too bad Apple didn't upgrade to the 320m, 4 GB of RAM, and a larger SSD before now. There is no reason to have waited 11 months for the 13" MBP update that included the same C2D and Nvidia GPU, so the MBA is an even bigger issue considering it has been limited with 2 GB of RAM since January 2008.
  11. JCT
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    Agree 100%. I just kept holding out that they would go to 4GB RAM -- that would go a long way towards future-proofing the machine for me. I enjoy Apple products and I don't miss the endless upkeep when my lab was all Windows, but the MBA was like a gateway drug and I am really ticked at Apple for pulling my chain with this seemingly *obvious* need for an upgrade.

    In the meantime, I still get a kick over the 2 "bounces" it takes Word to open instead of the 10+ with the old drive. I think I am easily amused. :rolleyes:


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