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Looking for strong case/cover - help autistic child

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Deepshade, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Hi all

    As anyone who has a child with severe Autism will know, anything that can aid communication is welcome.

    The iPad looks like it could be helpful here and I'm trying to find out if there a case or cover available that would afford the best protection for it, and still allow the touch screen to operate?

    Any pointers appreciated
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    I would start with the Otterbox, i know it has been the choice for the iPod Touches and special needs kids.


    There are a few others that might cut it, there is a thread that is for "kid proof cases" that would probably help point you to some too.

    I have the Speck Candyshell and i've been happy with it from the kid handling standpoint - BUT, it wouldn't be my first choice for giving it to a special needs kid full time (i have an 11 with significant processing problems and other issues). I'll try to find the link to the other one i'm thinking of - but i think it is in the thread too.

    ETA: here is the thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=909460

    Here is the other one that appears to be tough http://www.scosche.com/products/sfID1/210/sfID2/212/productID/1923
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    Thanks for the links - much appreciated :)
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    Not a problem at all, always hoping to be able to help - and if you end up with something, do come back and let us know how it goes (adding to the thread i linked too would be perfect!).
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    Hi Tracey,

    Will do. Should add - this is for a close friend. Both had our kids at the same time. She works so hard to do what's right for him (didn't understand unconditional love - till I had one of my own) and I'm always on the lookout for anything that might help.

    May be a while before some feedback - but will post if anything relevant.
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    Apple case.
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    We mom's of Special Needs kids often don't know what is inside of us until we have to find it, and to the outside world it's often not seen. She should count herself lucky to have such a good friend.

    Every parents wants the best for their child, some of us have to do more to help that child get there. Do i enjoy the 120+ miles and 8 hours a week I spend getting my kids to therapy? Not really, but seeing what they get out of it, well, it makes you keep going and hoping they will end up somewhat independent in life.

    OK. Enough sappy crap. I'll keep my eyes open for anything else that might work.

    Well, probably not. We have an iPad in one and it would greatly depend on the childs level of cognitive development. But most people looking at the iPad for communications probably aren't going to have a child they would give an iPad in an Apple Case to have full time.

    It really truly will vary child to child.... but overall investment and use that it could get would demand a lot of the case. I'd not give my daughter her sisters iPad in the Apple Case to use full time, she is fine with it for short bursts, but i'd want more for a full time communication device.

    I would assume the OP's friend is considering Apps like this for a non-verbal child.


    And, to the OP, they might have some case recommendations on their website too to check into!
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    That is a wonderful gesture. I'll let you know what they decide to do. ie If the iPad is the way to go.
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    I have a six year old grandson who struggles with autism, the iPad has been wonderful for him, he enjoys it so. I too have been on the search for a good quality protective case, currently I sit with him on the sofa or bed and let him use mine. He is the light of my life and we feel so blessed to have him. He is super smart but struggles with social skills and communication, I will be more than happy to recommend some of the apps he really loves, he even uses a typewriter app to communicate when not being verbal and the clicking sound soothes him. Will let you know if I find a case as well. I so hope to purchase him his very own iPad soon, maybe Santa can bring him one! I will remember your friends child in my prayers for children with autism.


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