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Looking for the best sounding player

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sprkd1, Jan 3, 2010.

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    My uncle has the first generation iPod touch and the sound quality is really bad, especially the bass. The bass sounds distorted and the overall sound of the player sounds "small" and not "full." If I connect my headphones (the same ones I use on that iPod touch) to my laptop the sound is MUCH better. Bass is there, everything is there, and the sound just sounds BIG (like I'm listening to bigger speakers). If I play Bassotronics "Bass, I Love You" song on the iPod touch, when one of the heavy/strong bass lines hit, the sound actually cuts in and out for a second or two. I know it's not the file because I have the same file on my laptop and it sounds great when I connect the headphones to the laptop.

    I've researched this briefly and came to the conclusion that the Sony X Series is the best sounding player? Is this true? The only problem I see venturing outside of an iPod is that I won't be able to use iTunes (which I like using).

    Thirdly, I've read that the sound quality has improved with the latest iPod classic and touch. Is this true? If so, between the two, which has better sound quality? The latest classic or latest touch?
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    Anyone? :confused:
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    Are you looking for an alternative to the Touch? What is the file ripped at? I know you say it sounds ok when played via the laptop but I am just curious. Also is this happening via the headphones or when you play it via the speaker only?
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    I am surprised that there is a dramatic difference in sound quality - is it defective? I don't have an iPod touch, but do have an iPhone, and to my ears the sound quality is good (comparable to laptop). (also might want to check the EQ / soundcheck / sound enhancer settings)

    Suggest that you take a look at the forums on head-fi.org - lots of information and opinions on sound quality on portable devices.

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