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looking for the perfect case

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by plutnicki, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I thought I had found just what I was looking for in the Waterfield Racer-X bag, but they too are waiting for the new 15" powerbook before they tool up any more of those size bags.

    So, what I'm looking for is something sleek, that holds a 15" TiBook snugly and securely and that will hold just a few more moderately bulky accessories (mouse, power block, cell phone, PDA). I snagged a Marware Sport case with my powerbook, and if it were just an inch or so thicker with another sealed pocket on the front, then it would be perfect.

    No backpacks. It seems that most cases are either really huge (i.e. the Powerbook and the kitchen sink), or just big enough for the book and a magazine...

    Anything else Racer-X like?


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    Please delete.
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    Is there a bag that fits 12" notebooks exclusively, or is that just asking for too much? I don't see the point of getting a big bag with wide pockets or whatever if the notebook you're buying is slim, but I want a very small, slim pocket inside a larger/main pocket to carry a laptop, and the rest of the main pocket to carry books. Its handy if you're a student. A backpack version would also be great, I think.
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    Waterfield and others make bags and backpacks exclusively for the 12", 17", 15"... look under 'Racer-X'.

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    My roomate bought this bag. It's got the room your looking for but might be a little large.

    Swiss Army Bag

    The cool thing is it comes with a $1500 theft insurance plan.
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    or, look under Sleevecases to find a snug solution for your particular model, then slip that into a larger bag.

    i got one for my ibook (the case is awesome) then throw that into one of my two backpacks. works great.
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    And I can put that into a regular backpack without a hitch? You're my hero. ;)

    I'd kiss you, but I'm not attracted to guys. Also, there are too many people staring at me. [​IMG]
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    i'll redirect the praise to the fine people at sfbags.com. i think you'll be very pleased w/ how tough the thing is.

    and you can send the kisses their way, too :)

    oh-- they make great ipod case. i throw that into my backpack, bang the heck out of it, and it's fine.
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