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Looking Forward to the 17th

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Shrek, Jan 11, 2003.

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    Ok, it's been little more than a year since the release of the new flat-panel iMacs. When do you all think that the iMac will updated again? I'm thinking on the 17th, approximately 6 months after the announcement of the 17-inch iMac. What kind hardware do you think it will have and what features do you think it will be loaded with? Here is my prediction:

    Now I'm going to go back and finish watching the Titans game. You just know that I have to watch. ;)
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    I think that if they did offer the specs you are predicting the iMac would cut a BIG hole in PowerMac sales which wouldn't be good IMO.
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    dual 1.25Ghz

    this is how the people percieve it and how apple markets it. the umbes matter,

    but we need those speeds in the imacs to be relfected in higher pmac speeds. oh well., we can only hope .... :)
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    Shrek: I think these specs would be great. Like I've said before, I don't believe that these specs would hurt pmac sales for several reasons. One, the pmacs have dual processors. Two, they are upgradeable. And three, the pmacs will probably receive faster processors shortly after the iMac update. So, 1.25 GHz would be a sufficient bump after over 1 year of waiting.

    I may be asking too much, but I would like to see a faster FSB than 167 MHz. Don't the new 12 inch pbooks have a 233 MHz FSB? Maybe the iMacs could use the same board, while the upgraded pmacs could get 333 MHz FSB from the 17 inch pbooks. (I may have these specs wrong?)

    Lastly, I'm not sure Apple would have two 19 inch models only separated by processor speed. People that are willing to pay for 19 inch iMacs will most likely want the faster processors.

    Just my opinion. :D
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    Re: Looking Forward to the 17th

    Go Pittsburgh!! :D :D :D
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    it must be something with iMacs, on apple.com.au store they have an 8 day wait, I smell and update.
    I think upto 1ghz with bluetooth and Airport Extreme. And 17inch screens across the board
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    Re: Re: Looking Forward to the 17th

    Too bad. Titans won by the skin of their teeth in overtime. But I have to say that that was the most exciting football game I have ever seen! GO TITANS!!! ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! :D :D :D
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    Consumer level

    The iMacs are generally aimed at the home user, I agree that it would be cool if all those options would be avaliable but the iMac, and the ones before it were meant to be simple enough to use for someone who has not used one before.

    Don't hate me for this.

    If you need something with all those options, you'll be a pro user so a G4 Quad Exhaust would help.

    I'm open for comments that kick me to the ground.
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    Re: Looking Forward to the 17th

    exactly how will you go about doing this in that flat panel imac.

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    Re: Consumer level

    Just FYI, the new PowerMac is known better as an MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors) PowerMac :)
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    Re: Re: Consumer level

    Yeah I know that, but quad exhaust sounds cool, so I'm sticking with what I said.
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    Re: Re: Consumer level

    Yeah I knew, but how much better does Quad Exhaust sound?

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    Re: Re: Looking Forward to the 17th

    Easy. Build a bigger base. ;)
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    If you build it, they will come....
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    Re: Re: Re: Consumer level

    er...it doesn't IMO, but each to their own.
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    Yeah, PC users will come! Especially, uh, PC users like me. :p
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    Re: Re: Re: Looking Forward to the 17th

    Then hide it under your desk!!
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    Speaking of the sound of quad exhaust -

    I hope they aren't as loud as some have described. My new DP867 is somewhere in the back of a truck on the way to my house from CA.

    I can barely contain myself waiting for the big day. I already have the 15" Studio Display, which is making the wait 10x harder.

    My iMac DV 400 is retiring to easier days as a email/kids station.
  19. Mal
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    We call them the G4 Wind Tunnel or Mirror, but you're right, the extra noise is greatly exaggerated. It is much louder, but still not too bad. Certainly not enough to cut down on speaker quality like some people have said.

    Those iMac specs are not too likely, and frankly, I'd rather see cheaper iMacs with similar spec to what they have now than extra power iMacs.

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    edesignuk, how in the hell do you expect people to concentrate on the thread when you have a 'tar like that?
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    Call it what you call it, I'll call it what I call it.
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    I like "Quad Nostril" better
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    Ambrose Chapel

    pb bus

    The 17" has a 167 bus and the 12" has a 133 bus.
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    Re: Re: Consumer level

    I thought they were addressed as "Windtunnel" ...

    Because the fannoise experience was quite similar


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