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Looking to buy a powermac g4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by alex.purple.mac, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I have been looking at the old powermac g4 cases ( cos theyre awesome!) specifically the quicksilver ones. I am thinking of buying one and either building a windows pc into it, a hoackintosh into it, or a faulty mac. However i cannot figure out how much is too much to pay. Someone is asking 50 pounds for a working one with an apple keyboard, but im thinking of offering about 30 - 40. It is the highest spec g4 that they made so i dont want to offend the guy. I cant figure out though, for something i am essentially going to gut, whether its too much?

    I have posted on another section about buying a mac mini if i decide against this.
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    This is a VERY difficult process to do, if you have not seen a G4 before they could fit about 20 mini's into them!! Also, the inside case is all bolted together very well and just for me to take the main board out took a good few hours.

    I suggest you just buy a Mini you can find great deals on them on craigslist!
    I found a 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo with 2GB ram and 80GB hard disk all for $150.00 including pro keyboard and mouse! The owner said it had a broken sound card, but I took it home and it worked normal with no issues and has been fine for a good year now!

    I managed to get 2 G4 powermacs(1 working, one needed and hard drive) and a G3 powermac which needed a video card all for $100.00 so offering $30-40 should be a fair offer, I mean G4's are very old now.
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    I have an extra quicksilver case lying around if you're intrestead.
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    He doesn't want a mini. What kind of advice is that? A guy wants advice of G4 case value to mod x86 hardware inside and you tell him to buy a mini?

    Remind me to never ever ask you for advice. :(

    Anyway.. I would say about 35 pounds tops.
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    read the entire post, he said he is also considering buying a Mini.
    My advice was modding the hardware into a G4 case is a difficult process and it would be easier, less chances of hardware failure and possibly have many downsides to it.
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    I understand that but the mini is his second choice. If he wants to do a mod project he obviously has some skills and can deal with fitting x86 boards in it. Many have done it.
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    Forgive him; he has a vendetta against the Mini.
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    As you do against the PowerPC. At least i'm in the right section of the forum and don't seem like a troll the way you do.
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    I do not; I just see it for what it is. How do I troll here? Typically I just post from my experience.
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    My point is that I do not go into the mac mini forum here and bad talk it. You on the other hand come here and constantly try to say how crappy you think PowerPC are.
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    I did not say it's not possible all i said was it would be more rewarding to use the Powermac as it was designed, because of the difficult process of modding a G4 case. I have done it several times and it takes a long time and is very un reliable once you do manage to complete it.
    By the way, from your last comment "at least I'm in the right section of the forum" How is this not the right section for a forum? Mac Mini's have PowerPC chips, however it is clear the OP want's a intel machine otherwise he would just keep the original architecture.
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    You misinterpret me and my posts completely. Contrary to your belief I don't come in here ranting and raving about how crappy PPC is. Rather I tell people who ask that PPC it is what it is; technology that is long in the tooth and becoming very difficult to repair. For example, from personal experience I can say unless the shop has repair parts already in stock, tech's won't touch PPC machines anymore. PPC is dead technology, it is not moving forward and hasn't been for the better part of half a decade - it's dead. What you have now is what you will always have; it's not going to get any faster or better.

    Personally, I think people should be aware of those facts before deciding to purchase a PPC machine; it's crucial information. If you're ok with that then awesome - go nuts and enjoy your machine.
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    First off.. the PowerPC architecture is certainly not dead. Thats just plain ignorance. G4 chips (7447 and 7448) are still made by Freescale and G4 upgrades are still made and sold to this day. The xbox and PS3 also use PowerPC chips made by IBM. Not dead whatsoever. You think that Apple was the only company that used PowerPC and that it dies it with them? Wrong. There are a few other OS besides the Mac that run on these machines.

    Something for you to consider..

    What you view as limited may be for your needs and computing habits but you certainly cannot speak for what others needs and preferences are. You have a very one dimensional view of computers and think speed is all that matters. I really feel sorry for you.
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    Guess I have to clarify that by PPC I mean Apple PPC machines (G3/4/5); since you know, that's what is actually being discussed here. Doesn't matter if G4s are still still being made and sold; fact is they're not moving forward - they're stagnent at best (lol 32bit these days). Apple PPC machines are dead; Apple doesn't make them anymore and "support" for them dries up more everyday. You're also mistaken; while the Xbox 360 does use PPC, PS3 uses the Cell processor which can't really be called PPC architecture. Ever tried PPC Linux? It's a nightmare to say the least.

    I have a one dimensional view of computers? You're the self-proclaimed "PPC fanatic", that about says it all. Hahah, you feel sorry for me? You're adorable.
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    The Cell chip is PowerPC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_(microprocessor))

    You just don't get it.. do you not understand that there are at least a decade and a half worth of pro people that still use PowerPC setups for music, graphics and video? Not everyone has moved to intel.

    Can you not understand the concept of using hardware for how it works rather than how fast it is? It's pretty easy to understand.
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    FYI (not to be a prick, seems like I am POWER raining on your PPC parade these days), but he is technically right. Cell is a POWER arch, not a PPC arch. Close, but not the same. (I believe I once touted the same on these very same forums but was later corrected, it even lists it on that wikipedia article though).
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    These are all the chips that use the Power architecture:
    "PowerPC • e200 • e300 • e500 • e600 • QorIQ • PA6T • POWER5 • POWER6 • POWER7 • PPC4xx • PowerPC 7xx • 7xxx • PPC970 • Cell • Xenon • Broadway • Titan"

    They are all based on the same fundamental architecture.
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    blah blah
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    Where do you live man, If its near chicago shoot me a PM.
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    Wow, this place is a minefield!

    To the OP – buy whichever you prefer! Whichever you feel most comfortable with, really. I'd, personally, choose a G4 over a Mini any day, but that's my preference. Both are brilliant machines, while both being expandable, the G4 is far more so – just ask zen.state. Whereas the Mini, if you get the latest model, will be supported for a good few years, which may be a benefit to you if you want the "latest and greatest" software (if you choose to do so, I'd say wait it out – it's due for an refresh).

    Also: the PPC architecture and its 'relatives' are far from dead, quite the contrary, in fact.
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    Sure it has similarities; but it's not really PPC in the true sense. Oh I do understand and realize there are pro's that use PPC still; the company my room mate works for still uses G5s in a limited sense. These days they're chomping at the bit waiting for new Mac Pros or are considering the move to wintel work stations; just like basically every pro out there I know or deal with at the moment (though Pro in itself is a pretty broad term; most people that call themselves Pros are really just prosumers). CS5 is just one app that will force them to do that; many already have or will follow with their next releases.

    Can you not understand where I'm coming from? Basically it's this: If you already own PPC Apple machines and they work for you; awesome, they're great machines. Buying into PPC Apple machines now a days? Bad idea unless you're aware 100% of what you're getting yourself into.
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    I am done arguing with you. All the proof that Cell is a PowerPC can be found with a simple google search and you just keep arguing it's not.

    Can you please leave us in PowrPC peace now? You keep going into threads here in the PowerPC section and spouting off about YOUR preferences as if they should be everyones. People know they are less powerful and don't need you to keep reminding them of it.

    Leave us alone man. Seriously. Stop peeing on our little PowerPC world here. Same goes for zmttoxics.
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    You can be in "peace" if you want to be, just ignore me if you really have to; I've never forced you or anyone to read or reply to my posts. Don't really think I'm stating my opinions as if they're the voice of god; apologies if it comes off that way.

    Don't really know why you're making this out to be such a huge deal; this is just an internet forum - sorry my posts and opinions effect you this much? I ain't going anywhere though.
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    Augh, they still aren't the same. No PPC chip operates the same as the Cell. They have a different arch, period.

    Also, again, no one is "peeing" on anything. You are clearly taking our opinions too close to heart. This is a forum, where anyone can post to any thread (while following the rules of course). You could argue thread crapping, but I see no evidence.

    People are asking for opinions on PPC, getting them, and not liking the results. This can't be helped.
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    Wow, looks like i have a lot of replies to make... first off I'm going to say that i live in the UK anyway, so thanks for your offers of cases and spares etc, but i noticed most of you lived in the US and the cost of delivery would probably eclipse the case itself.

    Secondly, zen.state and desmopilot... chill out! I was just asking for advice on the price of a case. I hadnt even considered running the PPC, I was either going to gut it and make a hackintosh, or gut it and install a dead macbook internals / mac mini internals. Or even gut it and install a mac mini and a windows machine. I just really like the case thats all.

    If i did decide to run it, I would want the one with the best specs, i dont know much about PPC's and he hasn't given me any other information than this...

    800Mhz PPC G4
    896Mb RAM
    40GB HDD

    733Mhz PPC G4
    640MB RAM
    40GB HDD

    867MHZ PPC G4
    640MB RAM
    60GB HDD
    Internal Zip Drive

    So my next question is.. which one should i go for and why?

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