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Looks like 7.0.1 is out

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by syd430, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Only showing on my 5S, not on my 5.

    Edit: can see its already been reported on some sites, mods can delete.

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    It is only for the 5s and 5c, not for 5 or earlier.

    Also, lucky SOB. I can't upgrade until at least February :(
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    How do you have a 5S?????
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    He's in Australia.
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    It's tomorrow. Look at his location.;)
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    7.0.2 web logs have been seen. Hopefully that's for the rest of the iPhones
  7. benji888, Sep 19, 2013
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    ...maybe this explains why app updates seem to have stopped, Apple readying iOS 7 update before releasing any more apps/updates?
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    Apples learned a lot from Samsung.

    I saw the latest rev of iOS 7, running on an iPhone 5 today. It's got a lot of the useful elements of Android 4.2.x. Very nice indeed.
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    iOS 7.0.1 Available For Updating

    Installing now, perhaps it's the security fix patched that's it.
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    iOS 7.0.1 is here

    Setting up my 5s and the updates already there to be installed. Nothing major, apparently just bug fixes with the fingerprint device and the App Store I've been told. Anyone know any more?
  12. Defender2010, Sep 20, 2013
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    hopefully 7.0.2 comes today for everyone else. Too many remaining bugs in 7.0 since betas.

    This Tumblr page shows a lot of the UI bugs.

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    Let's see how fast they address them. I was expecting an update by now, at least solving the unlock missing click and to increase the volume of the ringtones, but nothing...

    Also, too few apps have upgraded to iOS 7. I am annoyed by WhatsApp especially...
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    yeah same here
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    Theres quite a few little quirks. Hopefully a lot of them will be fixed soon.
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    iOS 7.0.1 Released!

    just got my iPhone 5S hooked it up'd and noticed update 7.0.1!

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    YES we know! It's only for the S & C as reported days ago.
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    Just got prompted to update iOS 7. Anyone else? Wikipedia has the most current release as 7.0. I assume this will address the lockscreen gesture tomfoolery.

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    Screenshot or didn't happened.
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    It's only for the 5s and 5c, I'm assuming you have one of those?

    It's to fix an issue with the Touch ID sensor and a few other small bug fixes.

    It does not fix the lock screen issue - that will be fixed in a 7.0.2 release available for all devices.

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