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    Link: Looney (i)Tunes!
    Description:: Warner Brothers has released roughly 60 “classic” Looney Tunes episodes on iTunes. Each $1.99 iTunes “episode” contains 2 different WB shorts, and runs approximately 15 minutes. Given the mount of TNT most Looney Tunes episodes sported, you’re likely get quite a lot of “bang” for your buck(s).

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    Awesome! I used to watch Looney Tunes cartoons a lot on Cartoon Network when I was younger but they don't show them anymore since the Anime invasion. :mad:
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    It's occasions like this that I wish Apple didn't insist on consistency. Maybe $0.60 but $1.99? What a f*&%ing rip-off.
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    There are quite a few of those old WB animated 'toons which are now in the public domain. Don't know which ones, though. I have a DVD of some of them somewhere and I'd be happy to list the episodes on it if you like.
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    Boomerang, a CN spin off, shows a lot of the old stuff now.

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