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loose wire inside imac flat panel g4 1.25ghz.. is this a problem?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by hucchund22, Jun 10, 2010.

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    hi there,, i just opened my imac g4 1.25 ghz 17" (lamp imac) and found a wire that is taped at the end and apparently not connected somewhere.. as you can see in the pics, the one i'm holding with an orange tip at the tip.. i dont really know the history of this imac.. :c

    is this a cause for concern on my part? i'm replacing/upgrading the dvd rom and hard disk.. that's why i saw that wire.. :confused:

    thanks a lot,,

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    Don't worry, it's Bluetooth antenna connector. If you'll get yourself original Apple BT module (suitable for your model) someday, it will be needed. Now is not :)
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    wew.. what a relief.. :D i thought it was a problem.. :)

    i'm trying to put everything on this imac even though it's a 7 to 9 year old design.. can anyone tell me where i can buy a bluetooth device for this particular mac? i have seen a airport card in it already, so where do i install the bluetooth device? :confused:
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    Dont forget new thermo paste on the case contact points. :)
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    so which one is better? the internal bluetooth or the usb device? ei 666sheep, do you know of a shop in the UK that sells the internal bluetooth? thanks..

    i have everything prepared already, i'm just waiting for the dvd drive and hard disk to arrive.. everything bought in ebay..
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    In UK I don't know.
    Which one is better? Certainly USB one: BT 2.0, price, installation simplicity, maybe you can even white one ;)

    Apple BT board has one "advantage": it's original and don't takes USB port. If it's important to you, get Apple one from eBay seller who I linked (his form Spain). Price is very good, i've seen these boards for $100+ See also installation procedure in linked PDF and decide.
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    Is that molex connector burnt on the edge?

    Anyway, you can buy an internal bluetooth module. They don't take up a usb port, so I'd be willing to pay a premium for it.

    I got one with one of my iMacs, but it's missing the 10 pin connector, so I just use a usb dongle.
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    i prefer the internal bluetooth device because it doesn't take any usb slots but i'll buy it later,, i have to make sure my mac works first before i spend more money.. And i already spent a small fortune on this.. :p
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    if you dont have or dont plan to buy a bluetooth mouse or keyboard , you will neither need external or internal
    and dont forget the thermal compound otherwise the iMac will fry quicker then fries at one of these fast food chains

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