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Lord Jesus Christ Hit By Car

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mactastic, May 7, 2010.

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    For reals:
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    He must have forgotten to turn the other cheek. He'd have seen the car otherwise.
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    The second coming is a lot less elaborate than I had been led to believe.
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    God shoots, Jesus saves.
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    Been making the rounds on the local news around here..He probably was floating a foot off the ground before he stepped off the curb..
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    Thats exactly why "He" was supposed to walk like everyone else and not float in the air.
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    Lord Blackadder

    Odd that he needed hospital treatment, though there is no biblical evidence that healing powers can be directed upon onesself.

    It appears that this man has literally taken the Lord's name in vain, in that his name is Lord Jesus Christ - but he was still injured.
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    That's one hell of a name. :p
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    Before the night is out, one of you will crack me with a Y-reg Astra...
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    I once made a business card for a man who's legal name was Shalom Dreampeace Compost. Some kind of county employee position. :p
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    Lord Blackadder

    Sounds like a damned dirty hippie to me. Maybe he worked in recycling?
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    Was he taken to the hospital on this?


    I'm going to hell....
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    ^ Took me a second to get that. :D

    Gretzky scores on the rebound.

    Jesus saves, Moses invests.
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    ^^^^^ He's just following the money.......

    Not if you don't believe in hell.......:D

    I saw Jesus at Cedars Sinai Hospital a few weeks ago..... he was holding a cell phone and reading the bulletin board.
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    Wait, that wasn't the real Jesus... Right? :confused:
    He, like, just has the same name, right??? :eek:
    I mean, why would Jesus get run over? He like, would've known it was coming.
    *hits bong*
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    Ah, metaphysical subjective idealism! So, that tree doesn't make a sound, eh? ;)
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    The real question is who is Jesus using for his personal injury attorney?:p
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    Has anyone seen his dad?
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    Wouldn't have happened if god had been the driver's co-pilot ;)
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    Oh wow. xD
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    It's the end result of the mother being asked what the child's name is while she's still in labor.
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    I want to know what words were used in the seconds before the accident.

    Driver: Jesus Christ! Get out of the way!!!

    Pedestrian/Victim: Oh my God!

    Screeching tires......... CRASH!!!
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    I hope he forgave him for she does not know what she had done.

    But seriously who names there child lord Jesus Christ (exept for the real Jesus of corse) how do u go through life like that.

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