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Lossless or AAC encoding?

Discussion in 'Daily Tunes Site Discussion and Feedback' started by wnameth, Feb 9, 2005.

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    i am wondering, what is so good about lossless, is it better than 192kbs MP3? is it smaller, i have 1734 songs, 8.11GB of music now, will lossless compress this and will i lose quality?
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    Lossless is half the size of uncompressed. AAC is at least 10 times smaller than uncompressed. If you have 8 GB now, expect it to balloon to 65GB using lossless.
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    Lossless definitely sounds better than 192Kbps mp3 encoding, when there is a good source. The file size will always be larger since it doesn't lose any quality.
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    Having just experimented with Lossless... it sounds fantastic but Lacero's right. It's about half the size of the original CD...
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    I had 13 GB of AAC 192kbps and converted to lossless; my iTunes library expanded to 53 GB (4x). I did add a few CDs when I went to lossless, but I think 4x is a good estimate.
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    There is absolutely no point in converting from AAC (a lossy compressed file) to lossless, it's not going to put anything back...

    It's only for taking another lossless format and ripping/compressing it well... losslessly.

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