Lost iPod disc space?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by stevehaslip, Jan 18, 2005.

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    When i put something large on my ipod in disc mode, such as a movie trailer or a large movie file and then remove it why does it still show up as having the same amount of space? why doesn't it revert back to the amount of space it had before?
    it happens with my compact flash memory card. The only way i could free up space was by reformatting?
    Is it somethign to do with the mac extended drive format?

    heres an example incase I'm not being clear.

    20gb iPod - 11gb music.
    Transfer files over coming to a total of 4 gig
    So the iPod has 5gb free

    But when i delete it why do i still only have 5gb free? i should be back to 9gb free once i delete it?

    I'm not talking about the amount of space that you lose by default, ie 20gb iPod 19gb free etc. I'm talking about reclaiming the space once something has been deleted.

    Anyone know what I'm on about?
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    You have to empty trash. Plug your iPod back in, then empty the trash.
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    ahhh cheers!

    do i just have to empty the trash with it plugged in or do i have to have the finder window with the iPod drive in it.

    I just had a finder window open looking at the iPod file and did it and it worked, thanks! but just wanted to know if just empty will it work the same?
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    I dunno. As long as OSX recognizes that the iPod is mounted.
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    You should only have to have it pluged in. Once the Mac recognises that the iPod is there it will also recognise the trash file which tells the Mac what stuff is in the trash. So, when you want something permantly off the iPod in HD mode and have not emptied the trash: Plug in iPod and wait for it to mount on the desktop, empty trash, done.

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