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Lot of Mac items for sale-NYC

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by brentmore, Aug 22, 2002.

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    Hi, I'm seliing all of my pre-G3 mac stuff. I'm located in NYC and I'd prefer if someone would come over and pick it all up. The lot includes:

    Quadra 630
    PowerMac 7600
    PowerMac 7500 w/o power supply
    PowerTower Pro 225 w/ CD, Burner, 2 internal HDs
    PowerMac G3 B&W w/ bad mobo
    Cables and connectors of every flavor
    Extra SCSI drives (HDs, CDROMs)
    LCDs pulled from laptops (most with invertor boards)

    I'm willing to send this off for VERY little, provided you have a way to take this all home. I am open to trades.
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    Still got it all? What do you consider a low price?
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    Mac Stuff

    Here's the update:

    Quadra 630 - SOLD
    PowerMac 7600 - SOLD
    PowerMac 7500 w/o power supply - SOLD
    PowerTower Pro 225 w/ CD, Burner, 2 internal HDs
    PowerMac G3 B&W w/ bad mobo
    Cables and connectors of every flavor
    Extra SCSI drives (HDs, CDROMs, CD Burners)
    LCDs pulled from laptops (most with invertor boards)

    I weas gonna sell the entire thing for $400 or so... but a buddy of mine gave me that for just the 3 machines (quadra, 7500, 7600) and some extras. I still have the G3, the PTP, and TONS of parts and cables.
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    ...I'm trying to figure out whether to get the G3. I have a processor upgrade card which I'd use anyway if I could figure out what part of the motherboard isi burned out...or I might get a new board...or I'd think about why it burned (bad power supply?). Do you have any thoughts on that?
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    I went through a pretty intense set of tests to determine what's wrong with this thing. The power supply is good, the processor is good. I read about a couple of cases where incorrectly installed screws (i.e. screws set in at an angle) cause some shorts on the motherboard. This could be the case, it could not. The machine has everything but a hard drive and an optical drive. If you're in NYC, then you can come by and take a look.
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    Thanks, I might just do that. I'm certainly in the market for a new machine...the beige G3 is nice with a G4 upgrade but the 66 MHz system bus shows its age.
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    g3 tower

    i'm not in the ny area, but i would be interested in buying the g3 depending on how much you want for it. i'm actually only interested in the chassis (one of my family members "accidentally" beat my old tower to a pulp with a hammer, luckily all of the internals survived except the hard drive). i've got everything holed up in a modded atx case right now, but i really want to get this machine back to normal. please let me know how much you want for the case. thanks.
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    Re: g3 tower

    That's quite an accident glad I don't live there. I wouldn't want to be, "accidentally," backed over.
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    heh yeah really.. well.. said family member is now far away.. i use the word accident, cuz i don't want to call my own flesh and blood a psychopath.. and i won't do that.. ;) anyway.. still hope to hear something about that chassis.. :D
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    The chassis is still available. IM me @ "mac genius nyc".
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    I'm weighing buying the chassis and a motherboard and gluing 'em together vs just buying an assembled B&W G3. What are you willing to part wtih it for? (and I'll bow to the guy who really needs the chassis and already has the motherboard ).
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    I'm looking for a decent digital camera. I'm a big fan of trades.
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    Mine isn't very good. 1 megapix Epson. You wouldn't want it.

    You know, one thing we can try is putting a spare ZIF card into your motherboard to see if it works. A working G3's worth a lot more than a dead 'un.

    I think I'm going to wait a while for prices to fall rather than try to find parts and assemble one. I did look for a working motherboard and found the prices a bit steep for a gamble.

    I'm basically trying to get over my beige machine's 66 MHz bus...its limiting factor when a G4 upgrade is installed. (I tried an ATA66 card but found it to be less than totally reliable.)
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    Email me about the Power Tower 255 With burner I have much to trade, email me TiMacLover@yahoo.com, Thanks!

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