LOTR to be made into a musical

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, Mar 14, 2004.

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    Oh gawd.
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    Savage Henry

    Forget the music. Give it to Matthew Bourne and at least it should be entertaining.
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    No. Just, no. I think Tolkein will be rolling in his grave...
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    Thomas Veil

    A musical? It's been done.

    (Yeah, I know I already posted this elsewhere, but it fits so well...) ;)
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    OK... was *everyone* high in the 1960's??
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    Leonard Nemoy signing about Bilbo Baggins.

    I think I'm going to commit suicide.
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    Not everyone was high in the 1960's. I'm an example of that fact, other classmates of mine weren't either. Our little corner of the world was quiet.

    As for the LOTR musical, it seems that success breeds success. I wouldn't denie them taking a chance. Disney does many of his as "Disney on ice"
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    But those are their own characters singing songs that were in the movies. This would be someone else's characters singing music that wasn't there before.
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    Nah he is loving the millions going to his name... ;)

    My school is having a play 'based LOOSLY on the film 'The Matrix''

    Yeah... but they have the whole Script... and they aren't changing anything...

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    well lion king was a successful play,

    lets hope this one doesnt tank; but they will have to be creative thats for sure.
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    This is disgusting...And wdlove, don't take things so literally! I think that Flowbee was just commenting on how ridiculous this is (to the point of necessitating drug-induction).
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    *Shudder Shudder* After such an amazing epic film trilogy it'll be painful to hear people singing and dancing to some odd "musicalization" of Tolkien's work.
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    I just can't imagine anyone willing to sit through an 11 hour musical. :eek: :D
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    Well, back in the 1980's, "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" was a big hit in London and on Broadway. It was a non-musical play that ran 8 1/2 hours...

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    Ever hear of the ring cycle...

    hmm.... That's going to cause confusion.
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    Looking back at the original article...

    Personally, I don't think that's nearly enough time to tell the whole story... especially if you're throwing in a dozen or so songs.

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    I just can't imagine anyone willing to sit through an 11 minute musical.
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    Phantom Of The Opera kicks ass!
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    I think even when people had longer attention spans (as I assume they must have back then) the Ring Cycle was too long for most...
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    I can see it now.

    Smeagol singing "My precious, oh so precious. It's so precious and golden and round..." (To the tune of West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty"). :eek:
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    Remind me to hurt you sometime in the near future... :D
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    Or maybe it'll sound something like this:


    Hee hee :D
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    KICK -SS!


    Bring it to NYC baby!

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