Lot's of info on G5 and amazing up-close photos.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by medea, Jun 29, 2003.

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    and in english....

    lot's of info I was not aware of, like if the translucent protection is removed the G5 won't start up and that you can easily remove several internal components thanks to the easy access to the inside and the lack of screws. If you remove the plastic side panel you can easily remove the hard drives and the two bigger fan, I know people have been wondering how simple something like this would be and it appears pretty simple. You can also remove the superdrive in about a second without having to unscrew anything. Also something I was wondering about, aluminum would screen any internal atennas, but it shows here the external atennas used for bluetooth and airport.
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    Re: Lot's of info on G5 and amazing up-close photos.

    looks great. i heard some rumblings about how the case was so much harder to get into than the current G4s just because it didn't have a pull-down door with the Mobo on it. but i figured with apple's attention to detail they would make it pretty accessible. it looks like they have :)
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    this interested me though - they have to have external antenna for BT and AP-X as the case screens them too much. These are not optional, they come with the card/mac from what i understand.
    Great for expandability, saaay to an external antenna like the Dr Bott one. If the mac never moves you can make it point in the direction of the base station and get a great signal.

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    wow, that's cool. it never occurred to me you could up the ante on the antenna now bacause of that. that'll be really good for spread out places where the base stations are far away from some of the clients.
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    Yeah, I noticed this on the Apple website, it had the ports for Airport Atenneas.

    I though it was something optional for something like Dr. Botts Airport extender type hardware, now Apple does their own.

    It says they have to go in, does that mean that there are no internal antennaes?
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    So does anyone know if the radeon 9800 pro for the macs will have a fan on it?
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    i doubt it. they would run into the same problems as the tibook, ie really bad airport reception really often. that metal casing can really stifle antennae.
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    hmm maybe in a future rendition they will have a built in atenna on the top instead of add-ons, sort of like the atennas on the sides of the powerbooks.
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    i doubt it. i mean, there is absolutely no reason to have it be internal, and the way it is for the Tibooks is honestly not that great. it would be a foolish design to implement on a 99%+ static machine.
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    i am sure it will be more or less the same as on the PC. if the GPU is going to be clocked at the same MHz and same voltage, it will inevitably dissipate the same amount of heat, thereby needing a fan.

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