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Love my new iMac just one big issue

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by njfirefighter, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hi everyone I looked around the forum and online alot and I could not find this answer so I am sorry if this has been asked before. About a year ago my girlfriend convinced me to switch to a mac when the time came for a new computer and I grew to love it little problem when she set it up she made the account pw (yes its the admin account and yes its the only account) so now I do not know the pw. I have the mac osx snowleopard 1.6.3 disc and could not reset the pw w/ that. When I restart the computer through the option to on the disc or through the normal way and then hold down C like I instructed to do in many right ups the computer screen remains blank white w/ the the apple logo continously beeping any help on how I can reset the pw this way or any other way ty in advance!
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    Roll over and ask her what the password is.
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    lol she forgot it as well well just say shes not the brightest apple in the bunch
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    Maybe you should reinstall and use a password of your own?
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    Issue is it wont let me reinstall w/o the pw :mad:
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    Format the drive using disk utility first.
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    There's a terminal command for that I believe. Just don't know by hard, try googling that for a bit
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    Les Kern

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    Apples come in bushels. The first thing that comes to mind that comes in bunches is bananas. Still a fruit, so at least the "enclosing category" was on target. :p
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    already tries that method found a few different command line articles none of them worked they all seemed to work but when I exit or try to reboot it just sends me to my home screen logged into admin and when I try to go change the pw the normal way as if I knew the original pw it is not correct. I have also tried the holding down c w/ the disc and all my computer does is stop show me an apple sign and beep
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    This command sequence is to make the machine think that it is new, fresh out of the box and will let you make a new Administrator account.
    I have done this on as high as 10.6 and had it work, I have not tried it on anything higher.
    If you don't want to mess with this any more, I would recommend taking it into a Apple Store.
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    well I figured it out since I was in my account which is an admin and not locked out I created a master pw for the first time I then logged out of my account put the wrong password in a few times than in asked me for the master pw and asked me if I wanted to change this users pw WIN :D thanks for the help guys!

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