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Low Cost 2GB and 4GB iPods - at MWSF 2004?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Mac User Canada, Dec 22, 2003.

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    If you're going to sell something for the Xmas rush you need stock to sell so that it can be opened Xmas morning. Duh. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    Americans - why do we bother. Go blow something up and feel good.

    Think about this: whatever is announced is not going to be available right away.

    If Apple had something in quanitiy that would appeal to the mass market, they'd have positioned it before Xmas, when everyone is spending money.

    No wonder Americans want our water. Whaterever is in yours is shrinking your brains!

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    Re: Oh, come on....

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    Re: Re: Oh, come on....

    I concur - there is no need to bash Americans, and your comment regarding blowing something up is completely uncalled for, immature and irrelevant to our discussion here - as is your comment regarding the Americans' water supply.

    Please refrain from derogatory, insulting and immature posts. No bashing is allowed on these forums, so if you can't handle mature, sensible and enaging discussions like the other civilized members on this forum, I'm sure a moderator would be more than happy to ban you.
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    Re: Re: Oh, come on....

    Are you afraid of Americans? Do you vote Facist.... I mean New Progressive?

    Oh, hurry, you're missing a chance to suck up to them. Maybe they'll let you kill 60 year old Irqi women as well. That should make you feel like a real man - American man, that is. The rest of us don't take pride in hurting the innocent or the weak.

    Or is it simply that you're a teenager with no real understanding of world around you?

    this forum has degenerated into a soap box for the non-thinking. Feel free to ban me if this is the best you can do.

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    Re: Re: Re: Oh, come on....

    What 'mature, sensible and engaging discussions'??

    Arn, feel free to ban me.

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    poor behaviour

    Arn, I must appologize.

    I let my emotions and anti-Americanism get the better of me.

    Would someone be kind enough to provide a direct email link to Arn or another modarator. I'd like to appologize personnaly before removing my account.

    I find nothing useful here anymore.

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    Be patient,

    There will eventually be an iTunes Music Store in Canada.

    C'mon, that's the REAL reason for the Anti-American hostility. Admit it, and let the healing begin. :D
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    Re: Re: Re: Oh, come on....

    lack understanding?

    Your the one who generalizes.

    By you saying "all americans blow stuff up"

    is like an american saying "all canadians live in Igloos"

    You say non thinking?
    But your argument is based on the fact that Apple would release something before X mas

    Look at apple history, the majority of apple products are released Jan 4th at Mac Expo
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    Re: Be patient,

    A wonderful sentiment. Thank you.

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    Re: Re: Re: Oh, come on....

    uhh, i think you jumped on your own soap box. i thought i was reading about iPods till you started flapping your gums.

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