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Low-Cost iPhone to Use Plastic or Hybrid Plastic/Metal Design, Due in Late 2013

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Digitimes provides more details about the rumored cheaper iPhone that has been circulating. According to their supply chain sources, this new entry-level iPhone is said to adopt plastic for its chassis rather than the glass and aluminum that has been used on their current models.

    iPhone 3GS (2009) had a plastic enclosure.​
    They also cite other circulating rumors that suggest that the cheaper iPhone will alternatively offer a "chassis mixed with plastic and metal, with the internal metal parts being able to be seen from outside through special design".

    The publication also reports that the components for the low-cost iPhone are going through validation and the final product may come to market in the second half of 2013.

    Digitimes reignited the long-running rumors of a low-cost iPhone last week. The report was quickly followed by a Wall Street Journal and Reuters report claiming the same, and offering a target price of $99-$149. Subsequent comments by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller seemed to suggest that Apple was dismissive of that possibility, but that article was later retracted by the original publication.

    Article Link: Low-Cost iPhone to Use Plastic or Hybrid Plastic/Metal Design, Due in Late 2013
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    This has already been debunked though...
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    Here we go again!
  4. arn
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    The smallest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.
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    I can see the market. Alot of people I know would love to own a iPhone but can't due to cost.
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    My guess, if it will exist, is a 3GS with updated internals that can be compatible with iOS 7.
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    I thought they already offered an older model that's $0 with contract?
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    I still don't understand the point of this when you can get an iPhone 4 for free or a 4S for $100. Plus you get fancy glass and aluminum enclosures with those two.
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    Maybe Apple cut their orders of iPhone 5 screens to ramp up orders of screens for this?
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    but you are tied to a contract. This will be primarily used by non-contract folks that do not want to pay high prices for the iPhone.
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    Only changing the case doesn't seem like enough to offer a considerable discount over the usual price cut for older models. Even an 8gb downgrade on flash memory seems like too little
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    I admit, I miss the white plastic roundness of the 3GS. It would make it cheaper instead of aluminium or glass.

    It makes sense to make a cheaper one. I just didn't expect it from Apple, but if it sells and works well, why not?
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    To me at least it doesn't really feel Apple to provide a cheap alternative.
    Apple knows its market and makes products for that.

    Are we going to see cheaper versions of their MacBooks and iMacs?

    What they should be doing is discounting the previous generation a bit more than they do.
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    Still rockin' the 3GS BABY YEA!
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    I suppose plastic will suddenly become magical and innovative. :D
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    Yup, iPhone 3G's and 3GS's, which are 3-4 generations old for the low-cost market. I wouldn't be surprised by this.

    But seriously, this again? :rolleyes:
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    This isn't an older model.

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    They can get a much cheaper 4/4S then.
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    The main costs come in the form of a two year contract, not the cost of the phone itself imo.
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    Every time an article is posted citing DigiTimes, MacRumors conveniently starts the post with "Digitimes..." that way I don't waste my time reading the article.

    I don't believe there is a chance there will be a cheap iPhone alternative now, or anytime in the future.
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    There wont be a low cost iphone, there is the iphone 4. If they do i will immidiatly pull all my stock out of that company.
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    contract free iphone 4 8gb is $450
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    If Apple resorts to this,then its truly a sign that Apples innovation and ingenuity are finished. Theres no way Apple can obtain a good profit margin on these Low end iPhones . Besides the country where Apple is going to sell these are more on the poorer side and the people are not purchasing Macs etc.
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    Just like there wasn't going to be a mini iPad or larger iPhone?

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