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Low PowerMac 1.42 Stock

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 6, 2003.

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    Distributers have very low to no stock of PowerMac 1.42GHz machines. Restock dates rate from late June to early July.
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    Let's just hope they aren't replaced with another G4
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    970! :D

    Sorry... :)

    I've been thinking that maybe once the 970s come out, there might still be a G4 at the low end. But if they're running out of G4s, maybe they'll all go 970.
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    ah dam Im not gonna have the "top of the line" for much longer. I got a 1.42 when they were first annouced but even if I new this was gonna happen I wouldnt of changed my mind because nothing can make up for all the work Ive done in the past few months and I NEEDED a new computer and deffinitly couldnt wait and any longer.
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    I would cry and roll around on the ground in agony if this was the case. Apple is too smart to do this though..... right?...... right?!?!?!

    - scem0
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    We hope...
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    I wouldn't mind another G4 as long as it is as fast as the PPC 970 is supposed to be...

    Who cares what it's called, just as long as it's fast!
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    That's one of the most sensible posts EVER!! ;)

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    I don't see this happening, but what if Apple release a 970 and still call it a G4? Steve announces a new "G4" at the keynote and we all fly into a rage before he can mention that it's a 970 :p
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    LoL, that would be so stupid if they did... the whole point of a new name is to make the product stand out as being new and innovative... besides, it has a whole new architecture anways... but I know you were joking :)
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    his "and one more thing" could be just that. Spend a lot of time showing off the new case, connectivity etc. then say and one more thing, they have IBM 970 PowerPC processors in them. That would probably cause a riot!
  12. Sol
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    New G4 Cubes?

    I hope new G4s will be offered in Cube-like enclosures. The 970 belongs in PowerMacs and XServes but until the operating system and the applications are optimized for it a low-price G4 computer (with no fan) would be the better deal.
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    MWSF '02 - anyone

    All we've Know/ "heard" about the 970 so far is rumors. It reminds me alot of MWSF 02 where everybody was convinced that we would see the new G5 from Motorola.

    Even Apple people in my small country (Denmark) talked (off the record) about how fats they would be. Some reports/rumors even said that the OS crashed because of how fast they were.....

    All I'm trying to say is: Maybe the 970's aren't ready yet. According to IBM's own schedule it's supposed to be ready late '03 or beginning '04. And if the 970 isn't ready then Apple really don't have a choice...
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    i m praying for the PPC 970...
    who is not ? :rolleyes:
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    sweet deal...... now to see what happens late june
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    still no stock?

    I think Apple should just come out and admit that the 970s are coming..no stock of g4s and so many rumors of the 970s..just save us the misery steve and tell us if were getting the ibm chips or not
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    Re: Low PowerMac 1.42 Stock

    Apple's UK Store has them shipping same day, they must still have some stock. I hope that we get same day shipping when the new machine arrives. ;)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I dont see apple keeping a g4 powermac at the lower level when they come out with the 970. If they did this the g4 would look lame next to the 970's. also i dont see them making a motherboard to fit the new computer only to hold a stagnating g4 in it. Hate to say this but they should have had a 1.4 single g4 powermac allready but couldnt do to the fact the best they could do is dual 1.42. No when the new machines roll out the current style powermac will be gone. I dont expect a $599 cube either. My Crystal Ball says new powermacs 970's and powerbooks 970. I saw rumored pictures of this machine and if true think of xserve looking powermac. Darn i wish someone could post those pictures and i never realized at the time that what i was seeing was the real thing. It didnt show a side view. Anyways low stock of the 1.42 can only mean 1 thing!
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    Rumour sites are evil!


    Seriously, remember that poll "do rumour sites damage apple" from this week.

    We've (most of us) have been hoping, hyping ourselves up for 970 processor at the developers conference on the 23rd June....

    If Apple come up with another G4 line of processors, we are going to be *so* disappointed.

    Everyone on these forums 'hyping' each other up - "970 coming, I can feel it", "It must be coming, I've got my credit cards ready". etc.

    God, are we going to be gutted.... if its a no show!

    A few weeks ago, there was an article about Apple are going to have a minor upgrades to PowerMacs? I can't find the link... if this was correct, then there will be no PowerMacs for a couple of months. 6 months for PowerBooks if they remain G4 after the refresh.

    Personally, on balance, I don't see 970 happening this month... :-(

    I *really* hope I'm wrong..
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Stella you are simply wrong, that was a minor update for the powermacs to keep em in line with all the stuff 10.3 can and will do. the truth of the matter is another round of g4 bumps would kill powermac sales. another truth is the channels are drying up of powermacs, 970's are being produced, the 970 does have altivec( who uses that other then Apple?) the g4 has stagnated(motorola) etc etc. How you going to run a 64 bit panther on a 32 bit computer? only in 32 bit mode. No when panther comes out they will have to have a machine that can use it. Repeat after me---- their will be 970's----------there will be new powermacs----------and there will be increased sales for Apple. Now dont you feel better!
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I saw the post and got a little off, but i really think the 970 will show at WWDC with the new models coming at the end of this month or july. Production on the 970 has gone very well from what i have heard,read,saw. I will be very disappointed if steve does not show off a new O.S. with new Hardware and so will a lot of stockholders.
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    Lack of 1.42 does not mean much. They could be on the chopping block just because they are such a waste of time...


    970 is but a dream so far....
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    Lets hope this means the 970 is coming at WWDC. :)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Mac History has shown when the channels dry up you better start looking for that new Mac.

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