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LTE-A in IOS 7???

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by bushman4, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Anyone find any evidence that the new LTE-A standard is going to be in the new IPhone ????
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    It took years for the iPhone to get 4G (or LTE) god knows how long it will take for it to get LTE-A
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    Eddy Munn

    Personally, albeit without any verification, I feel like it's a no brainer, especially as a selling point for countries that can use it.
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    Well, it took years for the technology (and in particular hardware) to become better and for the carriers to actually offer the service. Similar things would likely apply to LTE Advanced.
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    LTE-A is still a novelty. It's barely available worldwide (only a handful of countries have it running or only testing it), so I don't see it being a big deal. That being said it is possible they include LTE-A chip in the 5s, just don't be surprised if they don't.

    LTE has only been seriously accepted and developed worldwide for a year or so, and LTE-A is not much faster, and therefore doesn't offer a much better experience. (Really, how much faster is 150 Mbps compared100 Mbps - all theoretical of course).
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    Well, really, it's 50mbps faster...
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    If Apple hasn't done NFC yet, I don't think they'll do LTE-A.
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    Well, really, I am lucky to even get 10mb/sec on my LTE:rolleyes:
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    Im gonna be ticked if NFC doesnt come to iPhone 5S. People have been begging for this feature
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    Personally I haven't heard even one iPhone user ask for NFC.
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    I can see why, but I don't feel it's widespread / mainstream enough. At least Android devices can take advantage of by being able to customize NFC tags to change settings and whatnot.
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    I have.
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    Why use NFC when you can use AirDrop with Bluetooth?
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    NFC can be used for mobile payments something AirDrop cant do.
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    Passbook can be used for mobile payments.
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    Passbook has been mentioned. Also Bluetooth can accomplish this as well.
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    The bigger feature of LTE-A is it allows seamless transitions between different bands of LTE frequency. You want this if you want reliable Voice over LTE.
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    You should complain to your provider. My iPhone reaches 52mbps on EE in the UK (6.5 megabytes per second!).

    I actually turn off my Wi-Fi at home as LTE is much quicker.
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    Thank you very much for that... :rolleyes:
    You know what I meant with that one :cool:
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    I easily get 60+ mbps (best reception) with my carrier, and around 30-40 with good (not perfect) reception. Even with 1-2 bars I get 10-20 mbps.

    You should talk to your carrier or change it completely!
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    Not an most places worldwide it can't. Hell Passbook here is next to useless.

    NFC is a technology that has an interesting future as long as it supports existing payment schemes in use throughout the world. Well over 50% of my purchaces use my credit card with a swipeless technology, so having the ability to use my iPhone (with additional security of requiring it unlocked or fingerprint image) to draw on my bank balance, or a fund "stored on my iPhone", would be a great thing here.

    As for LTE-A, probably not in this iPhone, but maybe next year I'd say there is a chance then
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    Support for it would require updated hardware.

    If the new iPhone(s) support it, then their respective builds of iOS 7 will have that support.
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    I don't think NFC has really taken off. In the UK at least, there's a few ads that mention their app using it like the banks, but the majority of shops have yet to incorporate NFC for payments. It's not all that widespread yet, and I'm not sure it ever will be.

    Granted some people want it, but the majority of the market don't seem to care. The fact it's still quite insecure also doesn't help. Looks to me like NFC had its chance!
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    NFC is really just a battery drain at this point. Most retailers in the US and UK aren't using it.
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    With Bluetooth, don't you have to go through the whole "pairing up" process between the devices?

    I can't imagine using any payment service where I have to stand there for 1-2 mins waiting for my phone to pair up with the payment device at the cash register, then verify the pin codes match, then complete the pairing, and then can finally send my payment. With NFC, you just swipe and go. Is that even possible with Bluetooth?

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