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LucasArts games?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by axlrose914, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Does anyone know if any LucasArts games will be coming officially to the app store? Games like monkey island series, indiana jones series, full throttle, etc. I know they're available on installer.app for jailbreak iphones but I was wondering if they will be released in the app store?
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    I'd so pay for a Jedi Academy game...or Jedi Knight...with multiplayer support!
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    Patience young Skywalker... :) George will whole the Star Wars franchise out to any medium that will make him more money so it likely won't be long before we see games on the iphone.
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    Haha you were right, sir. Star Wars the Force Unleashed is coming out Sept. 16 and it looks fantastic. o_0
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    Haha! So true.

    I have concern, though, about LucasArts doing what they have done quite a bit: making a game that's far too complicated for the platform its made for.

    I think it'd be very, very easy to make this mistake with the Touch/iPhone. Just sayin'.
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    i just wish they'd put port the full version for mac....
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    Would love to see Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Monkey Island, etc. It's a shame that you have to jailbreak in order to get these now.
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    Why do you need anything more Star Warsy than PhoneSaber? Anything else would just be child's play.
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    whoa really? do they have day of the tentacle?

    I assume these arent official on the installer app...probably a hack someone did so I doubt they will make their way to the official app store..but that would be awesome...especially if day of the tentacle was one of those.
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    yeah lucasarts was more than just star wars
    grim fandango anyone?
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    They dont have the actual games on installer.app but they have SCUMM VM, which is an emulator for the old lucasarts games. You install scummvm on the iphone and then transfer the games files (Like Digg, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacles etc) to the iphone to play it. I think the makers of Scumm VM might be able to put it on the App store, maybe...

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