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Lump in my arm. Wondering what it could be...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by MrSmith, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I wouldn't normally post medical problems on a computer forum, but this one is out of interest rather than worry. Last Friday (5 days ago) a big lump suddenly appeared on the side of my forearm, just above the elbow. For a few days it was quite painful but the pain has subsided a lot. Most lump problems I read about are small and appear gradually, but this one is over an inch long by half an inch wide and just seemed to appear. It's really hard (feels like bone, in fact, though it's transverse to the bone). I assumed it was a bite. I never had a fever or felt unwell. It was red to begin with but that seems to have gone now. I would assume it's all over, but I think the lump is as big as ever. Just wondering if anyone has had experience or if there are any doctor's in the house?
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    Had any close encounters with space aliens lately? Sounds like an egg mass.

    Seriously.... go see a doctor. If you are concerned enough to get some advice, then at least get some qualified advice.

    While you are there, could you please ask your doctor why my Photoshop sometimes forgets how to 'save' a file, until I do a "Repair Permissions'? A silly way of making a point perhaps.... and your doctor might even know the answer, but I don't know whether I can trust your doctor's advice about PS. :)
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    Was it right at the elbow? or an inch or so away from the elbow? If it is right at the elbow, could be your bursa. Better to get it checked out by a professional, though.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and post that you probably will be better served seeing a doctor instead of gathering medical advice on the internet.

    It could be a simple thing, that will go away on its own, or it could be something that needs medical attention and if the advice given directs you to ignore it and you do, that could cause further health complications.
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    *da dum tsh*
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    Rub some dirt on it and use duct tape.
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    Gout maybe.
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    Any doctor who gave you advice over the internet without seeing you in person would open him or herself up to a lawsuit... they can even be held liable for curbside consults. I've had a bursa sac in my elbow rupture before, so if your lump was right on the elbow that kind of sounds like what my elbow looked like.

    Gout is also a possibility, but you'd be more likely to have had swelling around the area of your big toe first... but not always.

    Your best bet is to go in to see the doctor yourself because any doctor here would be insane to give you medical advice without seeing you in person and within the boundaries of an office visit. The best you can expect here is ill-informed speculation, well-intentioned... but still, most likely ill-informed.
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    Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh,
    totally emotionless except for her heart.
    Mud flowed up into lump's pajamas
    She totally confused all the passing piranhas.

    She's lump, she's lump
    She's in my arm
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    I was wondering if anyone was going to notice ;)
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    What?? You don't like my diagnosis of an alien egg mass?

    Seriously, I agree with you 100%....
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    Am I the only one still trying to figure out how it can be on the forearm but above the elbow?
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    But seeing a doctor costs an arm and a leg.
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    He is obviously standing with his arms upraised. Or perhaps Mr Godwin is involved.
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    But if the lump is in the kitchen, all you need is love.
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    Put some Windex on it.

    This is such a funny post! :D
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    That would then solve the problem, no arm, no lump :p
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    A marble?

    That movie was on TBS this weekend.
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    Thanks! :)
    I don't get it? Of course, we don't get TV either, so there may be a reason.... sigh ....
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    Just sprinkle some crack on it,
    Why people come to Mac rumors for medical advice?:rolleyes:
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    OMG... just.... OMG

    Do what I've always wanted to do to a zit. Jam a syringe in there and suck the juice out.
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    OMG, I can't believe you said that...

    Everyone, please ignore!
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    I tried, I really tried. :eek:
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    Ok, that is some sick sh%t.....couldn't stop watching thou! LOL

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