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Lush Cosmetics Font?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Error Type -43, Jan 19, 2007.

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    I've started a collection of propaganda from these folks just so I can admire the font they use. I'm totally in love with it. In fact I was in the store a few days ago waiting for the GF just standing in place for about 20 minutes staring at the signage. In person, it looks like they have someone who writes it out on blackboard with white shoe polish. And more than likely they used this person's writing to create a font. Wishful thinking hopes someone has seen the font online but I won't hold my breath. I'm almost ready to mimick it myself. The last time I saw a font I really liked was in high school when I took an architecture class. I got it down pretty close and have been writing blueprint style for the past 10 years. lol. see it for yourself:

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    The more I look at that stuff on the company's various sites, the less I'm convinced that it's a font. Look at all the different variations of 'O' on their main UK page for example. I think it's hand lettering.
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    I figured that - at least for their store signage - but find it strange they're not using a homebrew font for their web graphics. Whoever is sitting in their studio writing out website menus and store signs must be a hard worker. :)
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    There's a version of it here:

    ... but it's clearly not drawn by the same person. It's a similar style, but not quite the same.
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    Yes, I found that font also. It's similiar - a nice font in its own right - but it's too angled like a calligraphy pen. If they used a round tip pen, it would look dead on.
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    P.S. Are those Lush products any good? :)
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    My GF swears by it and keeps trying to convince me to try their cleansing items. They are quite expensive, considering how little you get and how long they last (a lot of their products have a shelf life). I'm perfectly fine with my mass retailer brands.

    I will say though the way their stores are designed, including the font, makes me wanna buy something everytime. It looks like a farmer's market in there, with bath bombs in wooden barrels, soap looking like chocolate bars, all types of facial mud in gelato tins. It's quite an experience.
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    That website makes me hungry.
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    I'm such a sucker for a retail experience! :( But now I want a facial! :(
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    I work for Lush and the font used is called Original Katie. I can't seem to find it anywhere online.
    We do have it on our store laptop but I don't know where it was downloaded from.
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    I'm a graphic designer and specialise in typography and type design. The Lush typeface that you are talking about is more than likely custom made for lush by whomever designed their visual identity and unavailable for download anywhere. The fact that it's a 'handwriting' font helps to support this as it would take no time at all to write it all out in adobe illustrator and export it out to font lab, edit it slightly if you wish and create a fully working and useable typeface.


    wow, only just realised how old this thread is. sorry mods :S
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    HAHA But he started it!


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