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LuxPro adds tiny screen to iPod shuffle clone

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2005.

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    haha there is no evidence that these or the past models even shipped! so its basically vaporware and sensationalism....for some reason i never liked this company
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    Yeah, it's got a screen, but did you see the size? There's only one line of text, and it's barely wide enough for one word. This is useless. You can't scroll through a playlist and you can't easily see what's playing.

    A screen like that offers no advantage over a screen-less model, like the iPod shuffle.
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    What the hell were they thinking? With the size of the screen you could see what song is playing like 4 letters at a time. They should have made the screen longer and had the text go horizontal, like Sony's thumbdrive players.

    It's almost like they're not even trying.
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    If you follow the link to Luxpro's site, you'll see that one of the two new models does have a horizontal display. The EZ Tangent does offer more screen real-estate than the Top Tangent, but it's still not enough to be useful, IMO.

    There's still only one line of text, so you can't browse your songs by scrolling through a playlist. IMO, that's the most important part about having a display. I don't care if it can only show the currently-playing song - I can figure out what's playing by listening to it.

    Of course, the display is more important when the FM radio features are used. It's not always easy to locate a radio station by sound alone.
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    i think its stilla fake, these guys area also offering all kinds of add ons whe it isn't even out. what is that all about?
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    Didn't anyone read the article a couple of weeks ago that the whole company was a hoax?
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    Post the article here and then let ipod lounge know.
    It would suck if we were sending people out to get their money stolen.
    Gizmodo.com posted the original knock off, and I think they/he saw it.

    I thought the company is real, and it makes sense. Apple never said it was impossible to squeeze a screen in to the shuffle, the just said it didn't need it. Cost, utility and value. I would guess the over-riding reason for lack of screen on the shuffle was cost, secondly I would bet battery life.
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    This isn't a scam.

    Luxpor makes these concept MP3 players to show what they can build, and at what price. It's just to entice companies to use them as manufacturer.

    Companies like apple source the building of their mp3 players to other companies. They're just pulling stunts to get attention and show off what they can do. They're looking for prospect customers.
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    what he said.
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    If Apple were to add a screen to the 2nd-generation iPod shuffle, perhaps it might look something like this:

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    I thought it was proven that the first iPod shuffle clone was a hoax, so whats to say this isn't the same thing.. :p
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    I'm sure they'd rotate the navigation buttons 90deg so they match the orientation of the screen
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    Oops. You're right.

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    Maybe a click wheel then?

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    That's all well and good until you consider the dimensions. The width of the Shuffle is 0.98". Assuming that display consumes the entire space, you're looking at cramming 5 lines of text into a a space less thatn 1" (25mm) tall. So each line can't possibly be more than 5mm. Allowing for some space between the rows of text, you're talking about 4mm per line.

    You're going to need an incredibly high quality screen to make that legible. And even if you do, it will still be too small for many (most?) people to be able to read comfortably.

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