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    My teenage daughter is really starting to get into the pop/rock tunes from the 60's and 70's. She often asks me to sing them, so that she can learn the name of the tune and then look up the lyrics.

    If one is into movies, is an excellent site for giving the low-down on most movies.

    Is there an equivalent site for song lyrics? One that gives the artists name, date recorded etc plus the words to the songs.

    If there is more than one such site, please feel free to post as many as you know, as I'm sure that there are others here who will find the info most helpful.

    TIA Gary, and Happy Holidays to you all :)
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    I just type in the song name and the artist (and sometimes the album too) along with "lyrics" and I usually find it in the first three or four pages.

    As far as I know, there isn't one particular site that is best for it so I just use Google.
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    the site is pretty close to a music equivalent for imdb. no lyrics though. you basically need to google for lyrics.
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    Thats what I do, and it hasn't failed yet.

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    you won't find many lyrics websites as they keep getting removed for copyright infringement.
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    Thanks - your help and suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Enjoy the Holidays, Gary :)

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