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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Ja Di ksw, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Ja Di ksw

    Hi everyone. There's a tab in the song info in iTunes for lyrics, but it's always blank - even on songs I purchased - and I'm tired of finding and then copy/pasting in lyrics for each song. Does anyone know of a program that will just go through your library at once (or even when you play a song) and automatically fill in the lyrics box? Thank you.
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    There are several applications that can run while you play a song and it will automatically find and save the lyrics in the metadata of your songs. For example gimmesometune has this option. So nearly all of my itunes songs have lyrics. If you use gimme in combo with the script called "needle drop" you can choose to play songs for a 15-20 second duration before moving onto the next song and let it run on mute over night until it goes through your entire library. It will add the lyrics for the majority of your songs for your viewing pleasure on your iphone/ipod :D *the reason I put 15-20 is so that gimmesometune has time to fetch the lyrics.
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    Ja Di ksw

    Thank you! That's very helpful.
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    did this some years ago and when i got it right it was very successfull.

    iirc the thing to be carefull of is making the needle drop time long enough. if you think you can save some time - say by going for 5-10 seconds then things can get confused with gimme adding lyrics to the next song in error.

    you need to make sure gimme has finished before needledrop moves on. what i did was check the first 20 or 30 songs and found the problem early before leaving it to run overnight

    hope that makes sense - as it's all from memory from a few years back now

    i'm just about to do all of my cd's again for the 3rd and last time hopefully - in lossless. so am researching what others are doing - trying to benefit from others experience :D
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    Ja Di ksw

    I actually tried the gimme program and it wouldn't work :(. I launched it, and I knew it was launched b/c it wouldn't let me delete it (said program was in use), but it did not appear in the dock and the only evidence that it was running was a little info tag that would appear each time a new song started. No way to control anything, no window, and it wouldn't get the lyrics.
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    hmm just thinking back now - not sure i used gimme at the time.

    think i might have used pear lyrics - same principle tho and my comments above still stand
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    I've been using pear lyrics to hack away at my itunes library. You can only run it for a few hours (at 20 seconds per song) before it stops working. It appears to be working, but doesn't find any lyrics. When you try a manual search in google, google complains about your computer hammering it with searches and you have to type in a verification word. 12 hours or so later, google is back to normal and you can try again. There is a script that creates a playlist of all songs without lyrics so you aren't wasting searches on songs you already have.
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    Unfortunately, Pear Lyrics was forced to shutdown due to copyright infringement. I found a copy online and ran it but whenever (if ever) it finds the lyrics for a song, it says "Found on letrascanciones.org" but the space is blank. I'm guessing that that site is also down.

    Any other suggestions? This thread got in me the bug to add lyrics to my songs.
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    Gimme doesn't have an icon in the dock, it puts a little music note in the task bar where you can access preferences etc, that is where you can control if it saves album artwork or lyrics etc. You can also change the position and color of the box that appears when the song changes.

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    Gimme works very well.
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    I just built a filemaker database using the iTunes xml export. Maybe I will try the suggestions above and get lyrics for this new database. Good suggestions.
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    Anything like this for a Windows user?

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