M-audio and tiger... plz help

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by stevey500, Aug 8, 2005.

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    hey, i have the m-audio 5.1 PCI sound card for os/x installed in my G4 800mhz tower and I have always used it for several different things... mostly the digital out for watching of DVDs in 5.1 But just recently, I have a problem. I have been using it in tiger with success for a while now, but just recently I did something stupid to OS/x and had to reinstall... I redownloaded what drivers I could find on M-audios site for this card, I had to look under the 10.3.8 section to find a driver, in the 10.4.X sections, nothing was listed for the card... so I downloaded what I could find, it installed fine with no problems... the 6 channel analog out works great with no problems at all, then I tried to watch a movie. In DVD player preferences I selected the Digital SPDIF output, sound comes through... but it pops and clicks and its VERY annoying, I have tried uninstalling and installing the drivers... but no luck. I even tried a different audio receiver to see if that was the problem, but I got the same result, but what is weird... when I go to Audio Midi Setup in the utilities folder, and set my default system output to Digital Out... I have no problem, no pops or clicks... crystal clear. What is up with this? I think it could be just an OS/x tiger issue but I'm not exactly sure. Am I using the wrong drivers or something? Does anybody know? Could it be some other hardware device conflicting or causing problems ( ram or something of the sort )? Any help is appreciated, thanks! PS: I also noticed, when I go to Audio MIDI Setup if I change my digital out to 192khz, no signal is put out.. the highest I can go is 172khz
    -Steve :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    It is a drivers issue. I have the same problem with my MOTU 2048 MkI. The MOTU drivers are beta drivers, that stink, and have not been updated for either 10.3 or 10.4, so that is what i would bet my money on. I have to do the same Audio MIDI setup fix as you described, but then it works like a charm.
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    Im gonna try emailing M-audio right now.
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    I'm having major issues w/ my keystation pro 88. w/ Tiger. Only one octave of the keyboard works, and when i hit one key, it's playing two notes at the same time. All I did was plug it in to the computer, and open up garageband, and this started happening.

    any ideas?
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    Hey, you're the guy with the dell lcd ;)
    I'm not sure what the problem could be there... try emailing M-audio... their "contact us" system is pretty nice.

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