M-Audio delta 66 conected to my new iMac?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Heksolson, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Dear apple users, hello, my name is Danny from Mexico City and I have just switched to the mac because, basically, I understand it as more artistic as the pc´s...

    Well, I am a musician and need to record demos constantly, which I do on my pc but I want to do on my new iMac! :)

    I have an audio interphase called M-audio delta 66 but as for today and after spending days searching for answers, I have not discovered how it can be connected to my new iMac --named Kari-- and this is mainly because I don´t understand yet how the audio jacks works on the iMac and can´t figure out how can the m-audio hardware card be connected to the iMac... is this possible?

    What can you tell me dear mac users and new friends? What would you recommend me?

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    The m audio card that you have is a PCI interface. iMacs don't have them. You need an audio system that connects via firewire or USB.
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    :rolleyes: Well, thanks a lot my friend, I guess I would have to buy some new interface then... do you have any suggestion?

    It is great to have this forum! and I am going to ask you another basic question... How do I remove programs? Thanks!!:D

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