Mac.Ars: Apple's Growth Prospects?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 24, 2003.

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    I wonder what companies Apple is looking at buying??
    Is there any company making VPC for the Mac besides MS? Because if there is I would bet Apple could buy them out and make a better product then MS which would be great for me and the rest of us.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Nice read. The big question left to the reader (just as ITR 81 posted) is which companies could get bought out by apple. Any tricks up Apple's sleeve? Nothing as far as this article goes.
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    If it weren't for InDesign, I suspect Quark might make the list because of its outrageously talented knack for alienating customers, dragging their feet on development, and generally making DTP an unnecessarily unpleasant experience.

    ...Oh wait. Nevermind. It's privately owned, isn't it? I guess it could still be sold, though...
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    I would say they could buy Quark and basically just push development along and lower the price some.

    They could also buy out some software companies to port more PC games to Mac.

    Buy some software company to make a VPC for Mac that actually has Direct X included with it.

    Creative Labs maybe.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    i'd rather see apple get a vpc company (if any exists) than go after quark and risk burning adobe.

    as an aside, i'm really enjoying this mac.ars column
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    I don't know how big the company griffen is, but for iPod accessories. Actually once i think of it dumb idea. That would be nice to see Apple buy a company. Have they ever done that before?

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