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Mac Book Internet

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by samkelley54, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Hello i am gettin a mac book soon and i was wondering is there away to get the internet on to my mac book if i have got broadband? i dont know wether to get the 'Apple USB Modem' but i dont have dial up so i dont think it will work can someone please explain to me how i can get on to the internet with my broadband box?
  2. Gee
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    What type of connections does your broadband box have? Is it USB? Or ethernet (like a big think phone cable)?
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    The Apple USB modem is for dial up only, you don't want it.

    I would say there is a 90% chance that your broadband box has an ethernet port on it (looks like a large phone jack). In that case just buy an ethernet cable, also known as cat-5 cable and connect it to the box and computer.
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    its got both cables it connects to the PC by a USB cable but its also has a ethernet socket which remains empty
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    what could i use so i could go wireless???
    in my house??
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  8. Gee
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    so i plug it in to my NTL broadband moden and i can get on the internet anywere in the house with a Airport Express ??
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    Would you be able to explain to me how it works would i be able to use it in my garden the internet that is?? what else would i need to buy ???
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    You hook up your broadband modem to your wireless router with an ethernet cable, in this case the airport express. Run the airport setup utility on your macbook and it will guide you through the security features and everything to make it work and then you'll be able to surf the web wirelessly. Whether or not you can use the internet in the garden really just depends on the construction of your house.
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    Nothing if you had the D-Link router you linked to earlier in the thread or the Aiport Express, ...

    (Assuming your garden is of reasonable size and you don't live in a lead lined house. ;))

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    no i dont have that i was asking if it would be compatible

    So tipdrill407 is this http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObj...nxsa61PzLArkb/1.PSLID?mco=16401D80&nplm=M9470 the only thing i need to buy???
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    Yes, although the D-link is probably cheaper and may have longer range.

    Hook up the airport express to your ethernet port on the broadband modem, run the configuration software and away you go!

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    do you know how far these connections go in metres???
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    Range depends on how fast you want to connect. ;)

    In general 30m unobstructed is what is cited. Presuming your broaband is ~3 MB or so you won't notice even if your data link is degraded to th max.

    If you want more directed coverage outside, you can add an antenna that will "direct" your coverage to a specific area... To do this you'd need to use the D-link or something like it that would allow for external antennas.

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    How big's your house?

    You will also need to buy an ethernet cable - don't think there's one in the airport express pack. And, if you want to connect the express to your stereo as well, you'll need another cable - one that has a headphone socket at both ends. Oh, and, if you want to connect your printer to it for wireless printing, you'll need....well....a cable. USB to USB.
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    Methinks I confused him with my comment on how fast the connection would be. I meant data rate, transfer speed, not conection time.

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    well the computer is upstairs but were building outside i will have a new bedroom, my bedroom at the moment backs off to the garden so the connection would have to go 20 - 30 meters away.
    i think its best to use a D-Link modem
    and im not botherd with transfer rate if you mean by sending pictures that doesnt bother me as long at its not too long
    so what D-link modem on the internet would best suit my case??
    thanks for the help :)
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    Yep, you should be fine. The D-link is cheaper and offers all the cables you need. But the d-link the other posters are suggesting is quite pricey for just web browsing the DI-524 is cheaper and is more then adequate for your needs.


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