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Mac Expo London

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by robbieduncan, Nov 19, 2002.

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    So is anyone going to the Mac Expo in London this weekend? If so, which day? I think I'll probably go along on Saturday, maybe see you there :) Official Site
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    I've got my free ticket........... but it depends on whether the firemen insist on going on strike for 8 days...... because if they do, then the likely hood is that the Tube will go on strike, or atleast the deepest stations will (Angel is one of them) and that will make it a complete ar$e to get around....... And I hate buses cos I keep attracting nutters on them......

    I certainly wouldn't pay to go, I went last year and it was a total waste of time...... a couple of Flash seminars and yet another demo of OSX hardly makes attendance compulsory!!

    Why don't we get a Keynote???
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    Hope you will post some photo's of your trip? Any rumors as to a possibel suprise @ Mac Expo London?
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    I am keeping my ear to the ground and my browser refreshed (often), hopefully some surprises in store for us mac fans.
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    Stupid fireman! I am sorry if there are any here, but, I really diagree with what they are doing! Anyway, getting back to the topic, I doubt there will be any new releases becuase Apple does not rate the UK Expo too high I dont think. Shame, if they did, I would be there!
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    I don't expect any surprises, or any new products. But I've never been to any sort of Apple event before (although I've had a Mac for a couple of years, since the OSX public beta) and thought I'd go along. I also need a couple of small things for the iBook I am waiting to be delivered (today I've been told so I'm at home waiting for it). I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them when I get back :)
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    OK, the strike is on (16% pay rise is not enough! I got 0% this year!!!), but Angel station is OPEN. I have got a confirmation, but no ticket. Chasing it up now. See you all there tomorrow :D
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    If you would like to take a look, I did a lot of coverage of the event at www.geekanoids.co.uk


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