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Mac eye for the Windows guy.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by STITCHES, Sep 17, 2004.

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    found this pic on a website. thought it was pretty funny.
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    Pure. Genius. :D
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    the original picture working for you guys? It's not for me :(
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    ah hah! it that case my original response will make sense to you! :D

    edit: looks like the only reason it started working for me was that i viewed the source of this page to get the IMG url, went to it in a new window, then it loaded from cache in this thread. but unless you go through all that crap then you won't be able to see s....:D
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    It's not working for me but if you just open up your activity window and find the file that didn't load you can double click on it and you will be able to see it.
    Thats how I saw it.
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    someone else posted this like 6 months ago ...........
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    Someone said that like 20 years ago.............. :rolleyes:
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    I don't know why, but that actually made me sit here, alone in my room and laugh out loud to myself. Bravo!
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    It says 1984 in the quite. So your point being.....
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    I guess if I have to explain.. You were criticizing the thread because of it's age, and because you happened to see the photo when it was posted a while ago. Just because something is old and you are aware of it does not mean it shouldn't be shared. Other people who haven't seen it are enjoying it, so what is the problem? Why are you sharing your quote if it has already be posted (20 years ago published), and people have already seen it? Maybe because someone who hasn't seen it yet will enjoy it. I was pointing out the hypocritical practice of criticizing something you do yourself. Enjoy the treads. I am sure you will enjoy a thread in the future even though it was posted 6 months ago and you didn't happen to see it.
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    Hey cool, I'd never actually used the activity viewer before :eek: Anyway, that's a funny cartoon, I saw that over on the joy of tech a while ago.
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    :rolleyes: forget I said anything
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    went to wash my car and just came back. here you go....again
    [​IMG] (just to let you know i cant see it from this comp so im just gonna asume you cant)
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    you know i never realized it, but i think i have said ALL OF THOSE THINGS at one time or another to a PC using friend. call me crazy, but does this make me gay!?!?! haha.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    The latest one is one of my favorites. Link
    These guys crack me up, probably one of my favorite comics.
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    This one's pretty funny too. Link
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    Macs are alot more stylish than any other computer out there, mabye people who are trying to get their friends to buy a Mac should start pushing the style of the computer more. Hey it might work.
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    That one's beautiful! I enjoyed reading them so much I ended up buying the book, it's great to have around for a laugh once in a while :)
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    I prefer Penny-Arcade. More swearing.
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    So people who only use Macs are gay?
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    What I want to know is - why does the back of his 'PC' Minitower look like the back of a Quadra 700 / IIcx / IIci? And why does the desktop look like the back of a 7200/7300/7500/7600/Desktop G3? That's just sick. The power cables aren't even plugged in right!

    Q700 Linky.

    G3 Linky.
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    Thanks so much for introducing me to the activity viewer... I opened the image that was "forbidden" and whisked to a porn site. :mad: :p
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    Because Nitrozac and Snaggy are staunch Mac users. Their comics are always pro-Mac, anti-Windows. Or in the case of this one, against mister real, just remember to scroll down and look at the 'The JoyPoll'. These guys are classic.

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