Mac Formatted Ipod onto a Dell Computer

Discussion in 'iPod' started by KGviper49, Feb 27, 2006.

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    My friend has a video ipod, but uses it with a Mac Computer. I have a video ipod and use it with a dell. I want some of his songs. Is there any way for me to backup his songs onto my computer?
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    Unless the songs in question are things he recorded himself in Garageband the only answers you are likely to get here are: Buy the songs from iTMS? Rhapsody? Buy the CD.

    You'll find this forum very helpful, but its members frown on what seems to be blatant piracy.

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    I believe if you enable disk usage on the iPod you can use it as a HD to hold/transfer songs but it cant just take songs from his computer. So yes, if his iPod is disk usage enabled (check to see how to do it), he can put songs on the iPod and you can put them on your computer, actually you can use your iPod too i think. I'm not entirely sure of all of this so could someone correct me if I'm wrong?
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    pc formated ipods work with macs mac formated ipods don't work with pc's be careful if it's set to automatically update, otherwise it'll format your ipod and copy the music over onto your ipod sans original music, i'd drag their itunes folder to your ipod and then import it on your pc.
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    He didn't ask you for legal advice, though. There are cases where it's perfectly legal to copy songs, so why do you accuse him immediately to be a criminal?

    As for the original question:
    I haven't tried this tool, but on the homepage it says that it can cope with Mac formatted as well as Windows formatted iPods.
    There's also a trial version.
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    He wasn't accused of being a criminal. It was pointed out to him in a very polite way that he might be unaware that the actions he plans might be illegal. I am sure that the original poster was completely unaware that copying music from a friend's iPod to his own without permission of the copyright holder is illegal, but now he knows and I am sure he will act accordingly.
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    Doesn't the 5th Gen iPod come formatted for PC out of the box? Just try plugging your friends iPod into your Dell and see if it recognizes it. If your friend did format his iPod for Mac, then you can use a program called MacDrive to read/write files to the iPod.
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    Well, I could have been mean and suggested he go and iCopulate himself. :p

    Note that I would have answered the question myself if there hadn't been a friend and their iPod involved. e.g. "How can I recover songs from a Mac formatted iPod if I only have a windows PC to work with?" is a question that is discussed in plenty of threads, including some that discuss cross platform issues, such as using MacDrive, etc... There is even a guide on recovering tracks from an iPod.

    Note also that if the friend wanted to share the tracks with him there are much easier ways to copy songs from a Mac to a PC that don't involve iPods including, but not limited to, thumbdrives, CD-Rs, e-mail, direct networking, ourtunes, ... and yes, all of these can be done for perfectly legitimate reasons. However, this doesn't seem to be one of them.

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    Out of my 5 friends with iPods, only one person besides myself has a Mac formatted one.

    Transferring stuff is easy between the Macs of course, but since he has an iBook, he just imported most of his music on his iPod and thats it. I used Senuti (or any Windows iPod > PC program) to put them on my iMac.

    Since a Mac can read a any iPod, I just hooked up all the Windows iPods to it and got all the songs off with Senuti. While hooked up, my friends could get what they wanted by just getting it from iTunes because I keep all the music on my iPod backed up on my hard drive.

    So I guess you could connect your iPod to your friends Mac, grab the songs you want and use the aforementioned program to put them on your HD. The only issue is that both of your computers need to be authorised to play each others Protected content.
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    So does this mean I'm SOL if I just want to use my Mac-formatted iPod as disk? When I plug it into the dell, it asks to format it. Anyone know a way around that? I just wanna drag and drop...:(
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    A Mac-formatted iPod cannot be read by Windows unless you spring for a third-party Windows driver that can read HFS+ (Apple file system format). MacOpener and MacDrive are two products that I've used in the past to do precisely what you describe. If I recall correctly both of these products have trial versions and are priced in the $50 range.
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    Wow. Seems expensive. So were you satisfied with those programs? They didn't screw up your iPod or anything? Thanks for the info.
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    They worked perfectly. I used them for about a year with my first gen iPod before windows was supported by Apple to sync music onto my iPod using a free iPod sync program named EphPod. (I didn't have a Mac at the time.)

    I also used that iPod as a hard disk like you describe to hold the working copy of my dissertation so I could carry it between my university office and home. I ended up purchasing one of them, I think it was MacDrive, although I used the trial versions of both for a couple of weeks each without any problems at all.

    Both products have been around since before OS X was released so they are stable and have been used with several generations of Apple file system implementations. As far as I am aware there is no need to worry about the drivers damaging your iPod or any other Apple formatted disk.

    Note: I have no affiliation with MacDrive or MacOpener. I am simply a satisfied customer.

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