Mac Fusion for Developers?

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by utilizer, Jun 8, 2008.

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    TUAW provides advance info on the Mac Fusion, apparently a new Mac computer targeted at developers.

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    Fake... the Mac+Windows+Linux section is cut out in a rectangular, and was definitely pasted in Photoshop.... look at the image from another angle (on your monitor) to notice the contrast difference even more.

    Funny because that's basically a smaller Mac Mini...
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    1) Why did you post it here?
    2) It's already been posted.
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    good god is every photo on the internet fake really if you guys put that much studying into that detail's get a life lol :p but that new mac looks real that be sweet if thats the mac mini
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    yeah but there is a slot loading dvd drive and why would apple put a:apple:tv for that kinda advertising
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    Re:Fusion for Developers?

    On WWDC Eve, we at TUAW are hard at work keeping an eye out for the unknown and unexpected. We just received a tip showing what appears to be the Mac Nano computer that we've all wanted -- and it looks to be aimed towards the developer crowd.

    The pictures appear to show a Mac geared towards developers on Windows and Linux systems. "Leave Windows behind. Build your Apps for OS X" states the title. While we are extremely cautious about rumors like these right before WWDC, we did have a rumor that a "new Mac" or at least an updated Mac might be released.
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