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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Link: Mac game companies talk universal binaries, move to Intel only
    Description:: While many of the applications used by most owners of Intel Macs -- Microsoft Office, the iLife suite, Safari and so forth -- either now ship as Universal Binaries or run acceptably with Rosetta, games have proven to be a sticky situation.

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    This really annoys me because the G5 is a very powerful computer and can play games superbly, all the game makers need to do is check a box on their mac ports and boom you have a Universal Binary. This is just sheer laziness, I also believe that so many people are going to be p'oed about this that the game makers will be FORCED to keep Universal Binaries.
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    The day after I return The Sims 2 for my MacBook Pro they announce the update will be free:mad:.
  4. jhu
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    maybe for simple apps it's just a click of a box, but most games also have processor and video card specific optimizations.
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    Yes I realise that but think about it, once the source code is ported to mac you just put it in xcode and let it make the universal binarys for you.
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    Capt Underpants

    It seems like if it were that easy, everyone would do it. There must be something else (maybe specific to games?) that causes it to be more diffucult.
  7. jhu
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    if the program is written entirely in a high-level language, then yes maybe it could just be click on a box. however, other issues such as endianness and assembly language routines would require more programmer attention that a simple check-box cannot help with.
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    They don't want to make it run well on PPC because the byte swapping, etc. takes away performance. It would take extra work and they'd rather automatically have the processor take up the slop instead of taking care of performance problems in the bad code.
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    This assumes that all games are developed using Apple's xcode.

    If you don't use xcode there is no such box to check.
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    As long as World of Warcraft plays well, i'm all good. And guess what? Blizzard has a universal binary version to be released really soon for free! Their little booth at MWSF had it running on an Intel iMac supebly. :D
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    That's why I waited for an annoucement like this. I also kept myself from buying a Rev. C iMac G5. Smart, huh?
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    I was afraid that this was going to happen... we're going to have a lot of G5 Powermacs with high end videocards that won't be able to play new games since developers aren't going to want to port it to PPC.

    I'm not sure how much this will really hurt the developers since a lot of gamers use iMacs, but the older iMacs probably won't be able to run the newer games anyways.
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    Photoshop and games cause me to hesitate on purchasing an intel Mac anytime soon. My wife and I use Photoshop a lot (more and more lately) and I have a lot of games that I doubt will ever get a universal code:
    Age of Empires II
    Jedi Academy
    Jedi Outcast
    Lego Star Wars
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
    Civ III
    Sim City 4
    Warcraft III
    Sims 2
    Sims (with all expansions)

    That's a lot of money on games that likely won't play worth a crap or possibly not at all. Even though these games are getting old, I'd still like to be able to play them in the future. I consider myself a retro-gamer.....I buy games and play them.....and then every few years play my favorites again. I do not want to give up these games or buy a PPC system just to play them a year or two down the road.
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    i still think steve jobs should push mac more into games, they have all the processors and computers, now all they need to do is come out with some better games, and spend more time developing instead of raising a processor by 200 mhz
  15. jhu
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    yes, and then they should call it the xmac or macbox or macstation. then they should open their own fast food chain and call it macdonalds or something
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    Capt Underpants

    He never said anything about making a console... just that Apple should promote the developement of macintosh compatible games.
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    Would the macBook perchance be on the menu at macDonalds? :D
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    Did you even read the article? It doesn't say they are going to be making Intel Mac only games in fact when asked they said it would be 3 years or more before they stopped producing Universal Binaries. In computer gaming terms that's a very long time. By that time most G5 machines even top of the line PowerMacs will not be able to run the latest greatest graphic intensive games at a reasonable frame rate.
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    My software purchase strategy for my MacBook will be simple: No shipping UB's or announcements of free UB updates no purchase from me. Hence the reason I won't purchase Office (Microsoft said they are working on it. I don't think they said if it will be free or not.) or anything Adobe.
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    Yeah, I'm sticking with only buying some Sharware what I REALLY like. I've found that all of them are already universal so I have no problem with them.

    Otherwise, I've kept from buying new hardware and expensive PowerPC software. I have a massive education discount on Adobe/Macromedia and Microsoft software. I bought Office 2004 for $9 but I rarely use it now and I think I'll just get NeoOffice/J to hold me over until I get a new iBook, whatever it turns out to be, and get iWork 06/07.

    If the MacBook Pro loses $100-200 more and with my $200 off from my education discount, I'll consider it.

    Otherwise, I'm happy with my current software and iMac G5.
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    While badmouthing Mac game companies without knowing the facts is popular :p the article is NOT talking about Intel-only games today. it's talking about the future--years down the road in most cases.
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    A related article we've got here talks about how Aspyr wants to drop PowerPC support as soon as the end of 2006, while the others are less enthusiastic to put a stake in it.

    Hopefully, they'll stop being so greedy and consider that we all want good games. I believe if they stop delivering PPC executables, they'll narrow their market substantially and lose any public favour.
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    Contrary to the spirit around here, I don´t believe the surviving Mac game porting houses are run by idiots.
    Once the Intel based machines outnumber the PPC based ones(and the gameworthy ones will pretty soon I think),you will naturally see fewer and fewer ports of demanding titles for PPC Macs.
    This does make sense in terms of business and is also an inescapable cycle in the gaming market in general.(ie Hardware becomes obsolete)
    That being said,I still like my PowerMac G5 very much,but my new Intel IMac is no slouch either.....
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    I don't think that they're run by idiots, either, but Aspyr seems particularly greedy. I'm not saying that they should continue developer ad infinitum but cutting it off at the end of 2006 seems a bit rough, as well as, early.
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    I suppose it will depend on each and every title´s hardware requirements.

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