Mac hits record 7.8% market share in Net Applications survey

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 1, 2008.

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    sweet, here comes 10%.
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    Unfortunately the data is more than a little flawed as its far too US centric.
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    It's only just begun...
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    GO :apple:! Hmmmm, wait a minute. Do I really want :apple: to be mainstream?????? Virus etc., arrrrgh. Course more apps. What a quandary. But I do want to see them do well. GO :apple:!
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    Genghis Khan

    wasn't this survey taken in the US, where mac market share is about 7-8% anyway?

    and also, the number should be 7.96% (incl. iPhone), because windows share was calculated including windows mobile
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    Well, they should include Apple TV, iPod Touch, and when the other iPods have OS X they can include those. Then come out with a Mac ATM machine and Mac Point-of-Sale system.
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    GO :apple:!
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    Digital Skunk






    That's what is sounds like. It's skewed information as people have said already, and there isn't a reason to include anything other than full sized computers IMHO.
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    So, no Mac mini then? ;)
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    Digital Skunk

    No, that's full sized... just using MacBook parts.

    Just no iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV which aren't classified as computers. If we include them we might as well include the iPod HiFi, iPod Classic/shuffle/nano, older macs, the Newton, and anyone that is using Mac peripherals.

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