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.Mac members may download Super GameHouse Solitaire (Free) a...

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by MacBytes, Jul 10, 2003.

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    I downloaded it yesterday. It's actually pretty good (with the sound muted). Several solitaire variations are included. Given all the shareware and freeware solitaires out there, I can't say that I would have ever considered *purchasing* the Super GameHouse version. And $5 off isn't a compelling reason to purchase a Mahjong game. Versiontracker probably has the genre covered.
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    Yeah - it's very well done. The sound is a bit much though.

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    Well, just out of curiosity, I checked Versiontracker for Mahjong, and I could only find a couple of versions. I guess I was just remembering the TONS of versions for windows that are out there and just assumed the same went for Mac (I've only been using Macs since December). So Maybe the .Mac discount on Mahjong is a pretty good deal after all (if you're into tile-matching, that is).
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    Lol, the sound does deserve to be muted. I don't know why it HAS to be so repetitive.... I guess it might cut down a little on the file size which is good for my modem. I also downloaded it and I think it is OK. I am not that into solitare and kinda figure that if I really wanna play solitare I might as well whip out a deck of cards. I don't really enjoy staring at a computer screen to do things that I could do in real life. Thats not to say that I would rather go out on some evil quest like in many rpgs..... I just mean something like a card game. I thought that it was a tiny bit slow on my computer and I cant see why :confused:. Oh well, it doesn't really matter cause I really wont play it too much. I guess it is good for apple to keep adding benefits to .mac like this to tempt new users to join. I really think that there should be a deal with which you get a free album or something from the itunes music store for signing up for .mac. That would be cool.
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    The free ablum thing would be a great idea. They should also offer one if you renew.

    Free games aren't the same as free beer, but I'll take what I can get.

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