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Mac Mini 1.25 Video Question

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Bonger6693, Sep 13, 2006.

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    He yall first post, anyways I just got my first mac about 2 weeks ago. 1.25 mac mini and I upgraded to 1gig b/c computer was laggin with 512. Anyways the couple things that I am wondering is if anyone has had problems with espn motion. When I am on espn.com and the espn motion starts to play, if I am not on that window and it is playing in the background it is REALLY choppy. It is run by flash 9 and I just do not understand why it is lagging. I watch my monitor and the cpu usage never really dipps. Now I have gone to like nikerunning.com and it kills my computer with tons of lag. That is one of the problems the other is not really a problem just wondering..in safari does anyone else seem to have a lag issue when scrolling down a page? Like it seems to be very choppy for me not smooth...just wondering.

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