mac mini and ATI DVI to component adapter

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by technocoy, Jan 24, 2005.

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    I have a samsung with HD component input as do most lower end HD tv models. (no DVI) so, i saw that ATI has this adapter but no mention of the 9200. i have seen posts of PC users running it with the beefy 128meg 9200 but not for the mac. i would really like to use the mini as an entertainment server, but i need HD output through component! any ideas? or has anyone tried the ATI adapter? This is the only thing i need to make the mini the perfect solution! well, that and a HD recording solution (cable not over the air) I just don't want to go shell out the dough without knowing it will work first.

    thanks for any comments or ideas.

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    Sun Baked

    What's wrong with the $19.00 Apple DVI to Video Adapter?

    Edit: OK too bad... hope he gets it to work.
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    He wants DVI -> component, not DVI ->S-Video/composite (which look like crap compared to component).
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    Some people have already tried the ATI component adapter on the PowerBooks, but they may not have tried the software either.
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    I am getting one of these for my Powermac to hook up to a projector. It should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. I'll let you know how it turns out. [It shouldn't make too much difference which vidcard you use with it. The real question is how DVI-->Component looks]
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    I would like to know also. I have a Sony WEGA TV that has a great picture and sound, but of all things... it doesn't have S-Video In, it only has Component. Go figure.
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    no s-video but it does have component? you do mean component and not composite, right? component will have three connectors (red, blue, and green) composite is the yellow one. not saying you don't know the difference, just making sure. i'd hate for someone to buy something they don't need. Although i do know most WEGA tv's had component input. even the older ones.

    technocoy :eek:
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    People keep saying it only works with Windows... but I guess we have some people here willing to try it again on a PowerMac and Mini.
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    blurb from:

    [summary: ATI cards have built in support for outputting Component - other cards don't.]

    If you have a TV with a Component Video*input and want to connect*your PC to it instead of using the Super Video or RCA (Composite Video) output, you can. This connection is the one that will present the best image quality of your PC in a TV. But to do so you will need to use an adapter to convert the VGA or DVI output of your video card into Component Video. It is worth noticing that this connection is not direct, so you will need electronic components to make the conversion from the RGB standard to the YPbPr one used by the Component Video. That is why this adapter can not be easily made at home. Be careful, for there is a USD 15 cable in the market that claims to convert the VGA output into Component Video, but this cable doesn't work correctly.

    ATI manufactures this adapter for video cards that use this company’s chip, which costs USD 30 (this adapter doesn't work in boards with chips from other manufacturers; this happens because boards with ATI chips already have support for the Component Video standard). For more information about the ATI adapter, visit and
    Other manufacturers produce VGA or DVI converters for Component Video compatible with any video card, but their price is higher (up to USD 150, depending on the manufacturer and the functionalities). Be careful, for the cheapest converters may not generate a Component Video signal at the best resolution or quality that your TV may support. That’s why that you have to check the resolutions and modes your TV supports and the resolutions and modes the adapter is capable of generating before buying it. The two most popular adapters among enthusiastic users are the Digital Key (model KD-VTCA3 - and the Audio Authority (model 9A60 -
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    my only concern would be that i have heard people saying they are going DVI to VGA to Component and after the startup screen, they go blank. This is definitely the best info i have gotten so far though... thanks carletonmusic!

    keep em' comin!

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    The lack of the driver in the Mac ATI software could be a problem...

    It's may still outputting a RGB signal on the Mac instead of a YPbPr signal the Windows machines will output with the adapter.
  12. taz
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    Once you get really good video...what about sound?
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    Yes, component. The WEGA has composite and component only. I purchased it from Amazon on sale, and their description described the TV with an S-Video in. However, I received the unit and noticed the book does not mention S-Video, nor does the TV actually have an S-Video port. Like I said, go figure. If the thing didn't weight 100 lbs, I would have sent it back for a refund. After researching, the older model had S-Video. However, for some odd reason Sony decided to remove it from the newer model, which I purchased.
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    It's possible on some TVs to recieve the S-Video signal through the SCART sockets... mine over here does exactly that. You can buy combo S-VHS/RCA -> SCART cables all over the place.

    Just something you may want to look into.
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    I'm unfamilar with SCART. I'm assuming that is an oversea's standard? The TV has no further input connectors besides 1 set of component ports and 3 sets of composite. Does the DVD player have to support SCART?
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    i have the sonica theater from M-Audio. 7.1 output and all digital. pretty sweet and compact. what i plan to do is have my friend fabricate an aluminum box the same dimensions as the mini and i will work the sonica, component adapter, and the extra harddrive into that case... it should look pretty nice.
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    Okay... sorry, yeah, I'm in the UK and everything is based around the SCART connection - looks like this... usually 2 or 3 on the back of the TV, in addition to component, composite and S-VHS. My apologies, I'd assumed you guys used it over there, too! Most people don't know it can carry both types of signal, so, um. Oops :eek:
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    Quite a few video editing systems in the US (the Casablanca Avio comes to mind) use Scart, but its not used much out of that realm.
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    No problem! Thanks for trying to help!
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    From ATI's page. Maybe they haven't updated it since the RADEON 9200 came out?

    The HDTV Component Video Adapter will enable component output
    from your PC using:

    * RADEON® 9800 Series
    * RADEON® 9700 Series
    * RADEON® 9600 Series
    * RADEON® 9500 Series
    * RADEON® 8500 Series
    * RADEON® 8500LE Series
    * ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON® 9800 Series
    * ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON® 9700 Series
    * ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON® 9600 Series
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    Sun Baked

    I think it's time you tell us how it worked out.

    You seemed so positive that it would work.
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    No Dice

    This product does NOT work with the Mini. It only supports Dual Link DVI which the mini does not have...

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