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Mac Mini and IMAc G5 display

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Grampa Joe, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Might I be able to use my iMac G5 (Rev. A) display to read a Mac Mini? If I don't have to spend $$ for a new display, that'll be great.
    I am considering buying a MacMini after the new version announcement at MacWorld 07, assuming there will be a new version.
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    THe only way

    is via remote desktop, but you probably would not be very happy with the performance.
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    what's the point of that?! the iMac G5 is a sweet machine, are you unhappy with it?
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    Don't be so fast to jump in there. Isn't it possible to use the EyeTV 250?
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    I'm very happy with my iMac G5. I love my iMac! Only thing is, it is not Intel which makes it quite useless if I want to run Parallels or Leopard (I think). So I am considering either keeping the iMac (thus my query) and buying a Mini or buying the Mini and selling the iMac.
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    Why in the world would Apple release Leopard and not support PPC Processors?!

    That's stupid to think. Right now you can install 10.4 on the G3 processors.
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    This is technically possible... but involves a lot of compromise. EyeTV is designed for handling video feeds... not for making the screen into a monitor. I seriously don't think this will make anyone happy...
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    Also, correct me if i'm wrong, the G5's are 64 bit processors and they should be able to take full advantage of 64 bit processing soon to be seen in Leopard. I don't know why you would give up on PPC so quickly.
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    You misread me. I can't run windows. The only reason for running windose, BTW is to use Family Tree Maker. I know that sounds stupid, but I suppose there are other things I can do with the Intel. Darn! I wish I could upgrade the processor on the G5! Out of the question, I've discovered.
    I believe that Leopard will have built-in Bootcamp or something and it will run Win. That's why I don't think it will run on the IMac G5, although I'm sure I can install Leopard. Sure hope I'm wrong and you're right.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Leopard will run like a dream on the iMac G5. Bootcamp won't run and probably won't be installed.
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    It does not involve a lot of compromise at all. It makes many people happy who use it for connecting their games console to the iMac to use it as a display.

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    that's a really light/small windows program, and should run fine using Virtual PC 7, and a copy of windows 2000, or even 98 if you are desperate enough. VPC7 on my imac g5 1.6 is a tad slow, but every bit as usable as an entry level dell... :eek:

    and the nice thing about the VPC route, is that when (not if) windows crashes you drag it to the trash, drag over the 'master' copy you made upon install, restore your backup, and go back to typing in the relatives. good stuff.
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    Do you know anyone who does this with a *computer* though, for day-to-day use? Pixel-level accuracy is much more important for computing applications than for games. I don't doubt that if you played games using a setup like this, you would be happy, even if the games were being played on a computer. I doubt that daily non-game computer usage ... word processing, e-mail, web, etc, would be a drag in a setup like this. Because, as far as I know, it just isn't designed to give 100% accuracy of all the pixels at native refresh rate. But if you actually know someone who's using this for that purpose, I'll defer to you (and them).

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