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Mac Mini and PCs That Don't Work

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Good article--I really believe that the Mini will encourage plenty of switchers. :D
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    Did you see jwenting's reply that said "Like it or not, the only reason malware authors don't target the Mac is the simple fact that the Mac's not an economically attractive target due to the small userbase"? Huh? You mean hackers get paid to write viruses? Damn, I'm in the wrong part of the software development industry.
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    Many of the DO get paid. Commercial spam is a huge illegal industry with international ties to organized crime. And much of it is sent by paid hackers, sometimes using viruses to hijack Windows users' machines to send out the spam in bulk. I was somewhat shocked to read about it... sounds like a conspiracy theory but it's true.

    (And of course, the Mac is a smaller target in many ways... and a bigger one in others--challenge/prestige... and ALSO better-designed. Better design and smaller target BOTH work to our advantage, and won't change any time soon. We WILL still get a virus someday--but not the thousands that plague Windows.)

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